Tuesday, April 1, 2014

....but for a moment

Tears of frustration and disappointment ...but for a moment! Cried out to God this morning! Don't understand! BUT GOD! He spoke so sweetly. He encouraged me and led me to the "place" I needed to be...to hear what He was saying. "Don't quit." "Speak the Word; take it as medicine." "You can do all things through Christ." "Speak to the mountain." And then He sent me a very special "love" note in the form of a beautiful bluebird...just like He did over 30 something years ago and still does whenever I need to "hear" it. He loves me! He loves me!
I will not quit! I will not look at the circumstances! I will do what I know to do and STAND!
Thank You dearest Father God...I love You.....


The Dr.'s visit went okay...not too excited about what I have to do but it could be worse! Hate being labeled..."you will always be..." but am giving that part to God.

Still eating healthy...had part of a diet drink but didn't enjoy so poured it out! Have 4 months to bring about a change and my goal is to come off the two meds I'm on and NOT have to go on any other med! My weight goal is to lose 50 pounds and as much as possible in the 4 months!

The voice of the enemy, ol' "chatterbox" as Pastor Stephen Furtick says, keeps bombarding me but I keep on speaking the Word and going about my business!

I see myself as succeeding in this endeavor!