Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I so enjoy a movie that's "more" than a movie; a movie with a "message", one that tugs at your heart, gets the "little gray cells" churning...one that leaves you "better" as you ponder its truths and examine yourself.

The new Alice in Wonderland did this to me...twice, for I have seen it twice and want to see it again. I admit I was a bit leery since it was a Tim Burton film but I do like the antics of Johnny Depp! Some friends recommended it and on that we bought it and I am so glad we did!

I would not recommend it for young children as it's a bit "dark" at times but it certainly is a good one to watch with older ones and discuss.

Certain scenes really grabbed me..."she's the wrong Alice"..."you're 'hardly' Alice"..."you've lost your 'muchness'..."
Sometimes the "cares of this world" choke out who we really are, steal our very life. We lose faith, our zeal, the "child-likeness" we were meant to always have. We lose our "muchness".
The good thing about all this is that we can get it back! How? you ask me.
Find the "Giver of Life". Only He can lead the way back to "muchness"!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Movie Day!

Movie day was great and quite delicious! We ate! We watched! We talked! And then we did it again and again!

Twas such a nice day, we've decided to do it again in October!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Glimpses of our "Autumn House"

Readying for Movie day!

About once or twice a year we do a "movie day" with two other couples. We've been doing it for a few years and it's lots of fun. We watch some of our favorite movie clips, maybe a new movie, sometimes an old one we all like. We have lots of delicious food- shrimp cocktail, salads, fruit, popcorn, meatballs, cheeses and crackers, salsas, pita bread and hummus, etc.
We usually do it at our friends in Unionville but tomorrow it's here for the first time.
We are "readying"! I'm cleaning, pulling out movies, finishing the Fall adorning, and readying the den, soon-to-be "theater" room, making it comfortable for all.

We also just visit! Tomorrow we'll walk around talking and will migrate to the porch and visit, some with sweet tea in hand, others with seltzer water, diet drinks with Stevia, maybe even coffee and hot tea!

We take lots of "social" breaks! Of course the most important part is the people we're with-
dear friends who we always carry in our hearts!

Here's to movie day!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Makenna on Thursday!

Some of our budding artist's work!
Happy Birthday Sweet Makenna!
We love you!
Papa & Granggie

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A "Happy Birthday" Adventure

Makenna is our oldest beautiful granddaughter and she is turning 10 on Thursday!
Today her mom, Makenna and I went on a pre-birthday adventure because it was our only day to do it. (school begins tomorrow)
We went everywhere or so it seemed! Target, the Mall, EarthFare, and Star Bucks! We dined on the outside patio at McAlisters, walked all over the Mall and had plans to run into Sam's but I was pooped! Anyway, she picked out clothes for her birthday gift from Papa and me. She came back to our house and modeled . This is one of her favorite shirts! I should have taken pictures as she modeled. She picked out some really cute outfits! Heard she had been wanting them for over a month. Ended up getting some clothes for the other 7 Grands too so now everyone should be very happy! Two more have birthdays and then nothing else until Christmas!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Closing one chapter and opening another

Today I closed one chapter of my life- my journal that began at the end of March.

I love to journal and have been doing it for about 30 years although the last 25 have seen more regular, almost daily entries. In my journal are my thoughts, my dreams, my frustrations, my activities, sad times, happy times and special words from the Lord to me. Periodically I go back through some of my journals and see growth, answered prayers, etc.

My "journaling" is a bit different in that I begin all my entries speaking to the Father God. There's something so comforting pouring out my heart to my Abba Father, knowing that He cares about every teeny tiny detail of my life, knowing that He loves me unconditionally even when I write that I need an attitude adjustment or the fact that I'm just angry or frustrated or hurt or sad or just being in a lousy mood! And I ALWAYS feel better after. I sense Him taking me in His arms, holding onto me tightly, cradling me, and there I am, drawing from His strength,
His peace and comfort.

Probably this afternoon I will pull away from the day's activities and open my new journal, with its Autumn leaves' cover and pen my thoughts, perhaps even new goals. And yes, I will ask the Father to speak to me and I know that He will, He always does; whether it's a word to my heart or a word from His Word.
And yes, I will take great delight from just picking it up, seeing all those lovely Fall leaves that always makes me smile!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy to report

that my new healthier lifestyle is going very well!
Am losing pounds and inches and wearing some clothes I haven't been able to wear in a long time!
[The Holy Spirit's my personal trainer! :) And He's the absolute Best! ]


I'm feeling a bit dreamy this morning. There seem to be all these poems and melodies floating around in my head and I can't quite put my finger on nary a one.

Friday, August 20, 2010

A sweet savor...

Yesterday April and I went to the Mall. We were on a mission and only three stores our purpose,
Yankee Candle , Barnes and Noble and Hallmark.

We were in need of a Fall candle and we had coupons! We purchased two absolutely heavenly Fall fragrances, Harvest and Farmers Market. Farmers Market came out last year but I didn't go last year, so it was new to me. It's a wonderful fragrance, a mixture of cinnamon, apple, and pear. Not sure if there's anything else but it certainly captures early Fall. You can "see" and smell apple orchards heavily laden, pear trees with their limbs stretching to the ground. Ahhhh...a sweet savor!

In 2 Corinthians 2:15, God tells us that we are a sweet savor of Christ to Him. That's how He sees and "smells" us who have accepted His Son.
Such a lovely thought, don't you think!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Autumn Dressing

One of my favorite trees that I keep out year round is this little "Charlie Brown". It's kind of rustic, Americana and goes so well in our home. This time I decorated it with a glassy Fall leaf garland, tiny pumpkins and small Fall cookie cutters. I love it!
It sits on the old table in our kitchen.
Autumn is such a special gift from God! I do believe it's my favorite season!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

Early Morning Surprise!

Was having my early morning coffee, talking to the Lord and three deer ran into the backyard.
(Last evening four doe came and one was trying to eat from the birdfeeders. I talked to them and finally had to run them off.)
One of the deer headed toward the feeders and I stood up where they could see me and told them "No, birdfeeders". All three turned to look at me and then I realized one was a buck!
We haven't seen a buck in our backyard in years! (Our last buck, a big guy, came for weeks and ate apples from our apple tree several times a week. He wasn't afraid of us and we could watch him from our deck as he moved from limb to limb, pulling them down to reach the apples.)
Our morning visitors ran off into the woods. But they will be back, I'm sure. Hopefully I can get a picture of them for my blog.
Time to get some deer corn!

PS...no hunters allowed! :)
PSS...have to say this for I have a brother-in-law who has threatened to come hunt in our backyard. I know he's really joking and likes to tease me about "my deer"!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


We're beginning new traditions in our family. One is that we're trying to have a meal with each of our children and their particular family once a month.
Oh, don't get me wrong, I love it when we ALL get together, all 16 of us but it is a bit difficult to visit with each other with 8 Grands going here and there and talking and talking!

A few weeks ago we took Anna, Dan, Emma, Kylie, Duncan and Kellan to eat at our now favorite Chinese restaurant, Kami's. We had a great time and for a few moments I thought the restaurant would never be the same but upon our next visit (just Mike and me) it was.

Last night Mike grilled steaks for Bill and Brittany and us. Delicious! We really enjoyed being able to just visit with them since we don't see them very often. They have such busy schedules.
AND "WONDER OF WONDERS, MIRACLE OF MIRACLES" (know where that's from??) Bill was able to upgrade our Blue Ray DVD player!!!! You have NO idea all the trouble, anguish and frustration that Mike had had trying to do this! Come to find out, it was more complicated than the directions led us to believe! (Isn't that usually the case?)
And the perfect ending of our lovely evening, wonderful RAIN! (Thank you Lord!)

Today we meet April, Lee, Christian, Makenna, Elliott, and Camden for lunch at...you guessed it, Kami's! They all love Chinese as much as we do! Hopefully we won't leave quite the mess we left with the younger Grands. You ought to see Kellan feeding himself! When he's done, he likes to throw the rest of his food, wherever! I don't think any of us will do that today!

Come September, we'll do it all over again! :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010


This SO goes along with my previous blog.....
Was having my devotions and turned to this scripture.

"...you are a letter of Christ,...written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God,
not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts." (2Cor.3:3)

We are "letters". People "read" us.
We need to remember that our actions "speak" louder than our words.

Whoa! That makes us responsible! Hard to do?
We can do all things through Christ Who strengthens us. (Phil.4:13)

Further reading...Philippians 1:21-2:16


an interesting word...
Webster's meanings: "the quality or condition of being subtle...the ability or tendency to make fine distinctions".
Back to the word "Subtle": "...not dense or heavy, capable of making or noticing fine distinctions in meaning, etc.[a subtle thinker], marked by or requiring mental keeness, delicately skillful or clever, not open or direct; crafty, sly, delicately suggestive; not grossly obvious,..."

Kind of reminds me when Jesus said we are to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves.
Obviously excellent advice!

This is the way we're to live. It should be "obvious" that we are Believers...the old song, "They will know we are Christians by our love.."etc. Unfortunately we haven't been the best examples in this area. Standing, quietly praying on a street corner works better than screaming and yelling and waving a Bible.
We can "catch more flies with honey rather than vinegar".
As Believers, we can get so caught up in doctrines/religious exercises and miss the whole point of Christianity.
God SO loved the WORLD that He gave us Jesus. When we enter into a RELATIONSHIP with Him, we allow Him to change us and mold us into His likeness. We should be growing daily "in His likeness".
He alone is who we want to be like.

"Wise as serpents and gentle as doves" works much better.
Anything that's His idea is always better!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Great quotes!

Found these in a journal and just had to share them!

"The New Testament is the best book the world has ever known or will know."
Charles Dickens

"The Bible grows more beautiful, as we grow in our understanding of it."
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

"No one ever graduates from Bible study until he meets the Author face to face."
Everett T. Harris

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Learning to live...healthier!

I am so excited! I've been working on eating healthier and living healthier-walking and jogging on the treadmill and jogging on my rebounder. Some days were easy, other days were more difficult. Some days I was a bit discouraged...

This morning I exercised on the treadmill before I ate and weighed. Since July 8th I've lost 7 pounds! It was just the good news I needed! I discovered that I can now fit into four pairs of pants that I couldn't fit in at the beginning of the summer! I have about 40 or so more pounds to lose but like my friend Shea said to me...."You've got your head right", (or was it mind?)
Anyway I do! I really do!!!! Wow! It has been years since I've been working on getting my head right about this lifestyle change!
Thank goodness I'm not alone in this adventure! The Good Lord is cheering me on all the way!

PS... even ate at McDonald's last night and had to smell Mike's fries but I didn't eat a one.
Ate my Angus burger w/out the bun and drank my diet Dr. Pepper!

By the way, I'm doing the new Atkins Lifestyle change! Am studying the book and learning a lot!
Going to do it the right way as Rocketman says!

Alive!...and living!

Today's pondering...
alive, yes...breathing, eating, drinking...living- maybe, sort of...

What does it mean to live...truly live?
I love, love, love this quote from Goethe..."Plunge boldly into the thick of life."
Get in the nitty gritty of life; jump in with both feet! Go the extra mile!

The way I see to do this is another "boldly"!
"Come boldly to the throne of grace..." Hebrews

Come boldly before the throne of the Almighty but the only way one can do this is by the precious Blood of Christ.
Come boldly and He will boldly lead you into the thick of life, taking you every step of the way as He tenderly holds your hand.
"Plunge" with Him into this journey of living. You will never regret it!

Monday, August 9, 2010


This morning, after my first cup of coffee, I decided to water the plants, feed Darcy and enjoy the early morning air. So pleasant out!
I found myself going over to the swing, cleaning it off and sitting down.
Haven't sat in the swing very much since we added the porch but I still enjoy that old swing.
It was my haven when we just had the deck and I sat there every day, many times during the day as the weather allowed...swinging, reading, talking to the Lord, visiting with friends and family. Always loved it when Mike could join me.
Now the old swing is under the oak tree in the side yard near the children's swingset. It's the perfect spot for it!
So I sat there this morning with Miss Darcy who was thrilled that we were together!
(Isn't it great to be loved, especially by a dog!)
Sat there, gently swinging and thanking the Good Lord for all His blessings!
Wonderful way to begin this day!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

"Autumn Dressing"

Ever have...

a beautiful morning beginning and all of a sudden you speak to your husband (or wife) and realize that you both are speaking some unknown language and you haven't a clue what the other is saying?
Just wondering!
Must be something in the coffee...or, was it the grits, of which I had none so I must be the one speaking English but his ears are hearing something else??? Ummmm...
or maybe I should have had grits too!
Just interesting speculation whirring about in my magnificent brain on this lovely stay-at-home- Saturday morn!
Did I say "stay at home"? YES... YES I DID! Yippee!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Our Actors and Actress

Maybe you can see what my morning looked like! Actually it was a great morning and we conquered Hobby Lobby without any breakage!
We dined at Burger King per their request and I had my burger sans the bun! (really eating better and losing weight:)
Home to make the fruit kabobs, cookies and they painted their masks. This is before the paint!
Got lots of hugs and "I love you"s...makes you feel so good!
Now to get ready for Book Club!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"Tree Beard"

Have been flitting around, dusting, cooking, etc. and realized that I hadn't fed Darcy and on my way to feed her I saw that the Hummingbird feeder was empty so I grabbed that and as I was walking back to the house I saw the trash/recycle cans and headed to get them and remembered the mail and got that and as I was plodding up the driveway with trash can in tow I glanced over at Tree Beard and realized I had never introduced him on my blog so I put away the cans, ran up and got my camera and voila! Here he is!
Isn't he a darling old dear! He's got a great personality don't you think! As I was taking his picture I saw plants that needed watering so now I'm on my way to take care of them! I've dusted and can vacuum any time now so off I go,
back to flitting! I know I will "light" somewhere sooner or later.

Isn't it funny how...

Mike ALWAYS works upstairs and so yesterday he was in DC for the day and I worked upstairs!
I thought, he's gone so I can get this done.

Today is my downstairs day and "lo and behold" he's working downstairs at the dining area table!
I can dust but I can't vacuum or mop or do anything that could disturb him. YIKES! I'm on a schedule and have to get this finished today, not tonight.... ummmm...this has really messed up my routine.

Maybe I should just take a nap!


I will spend today getting ready for tomorrow!
Today I visit the Treasures, grocery shop and clean the downstairs. Yesterday the upstairs got the "treatment".
Tonight we will visit Mike's Mom who is still in the hospital but doing much better but will have to go to rehab for a bit.

Tomorrow is Book Club and a "Grand" day! I will have our four oldest Grands for about 4 or 5 hours and I've been planning our activities...off to Hobby Lobby for crafts to keep them busy and drool over Fall decorations, out to lunch, and back here to have them make my treats for Book Club-- fruit kabobs and flip flop cookies. (decided to carry the Tropical theme over to Book Club!)

Should be a very interestingly active tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One of life's little pleasures is...

a clean bathroom! I just walk by and admire it! I learned that from my friend Jan, many years ago. She said that when she mopped her kitchen floor, she would just sit and admire it for a moment. I've never forgotten that.
Cleaning, though maybe not so much fun in the process of it, certainly has an aesthetic effect on the one doing the cleaning!
It's a little like having a "new" room, a "new" house...a "new" lease on life....homelife that is.
And our homes should be a place where we can rest, relax, be at peace and that's so much easier when it's clean!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Countdown to Autumn!

Whenever August arrives, I think of Fall! I love Fall with her earthy colors, smells and sounds!

We can hear the football game announcer and the cheers and the bands but only if we step outside in the front or side yard. Fall football...tradition!

I always decorate for Fall the last week of August. Fall garlands, flowers, candles, flag, mailbox cover, gorgeous leaves, pumpkins, acorns, etc. bedeck our "comfy" home adding to it's"homeyness"! LOVE IT!

Found my mind going to Autumn and then all of a sudden to Thanksgiving, thinking of my sister-in-law Cheryl and her husband and family in Florida. We usually see them around Thanksgiving (and other times during the year). They now have a grandson, Parker-don't you just love that name! In an e-mail to her I was telling her that she needed to begin some new family traditions as her family is growing. There's something about having your kids and grandkids "gracing" your home for the holidays. There's nothing like it!

Can hardly wait to hear about her new traditions. So much fun sharing ideas!
A changing leaf says to me..."the promise of Fall"...she's on her way!