Monday, August 23, 2010

Closing one chapter and opening another

Today I closed one chapter of my life- my journal that began at the end of March.

I love to journal and have been doing it for about 30 years although the last 25 have seen more regular, almost daily entries. In my journal are my thoughts, my dreams, my frustrations, my activities, sad times, happy times and special words from the Lord to me. Periodically I go back through some of my journals and see growth, answered prayers, etc.

My "journaling" is a bit different in that I begin all my entries speaking to the Father God. There's something so comforting pouring out my heart to my Abba Father, knowing that He cares about every teeny tiny detail of my life, knowing that He loves me unconditionally even when I write that I need an attitude adjustment or the fact that I'm just angry or frustrated or hurt or sad or just being in a lousy mood! And I ALWAYS feel better after. I sense Him taking me in His arms, holding onto me tightly, cradling me, and there I am, drawing from His strength,
His peace and comfort.

Probably this afternoon I will pull away from the day's activities and open my new journal, with its Autumn leaves' cover and pen my thoughts, perhaps even new goals. And yes, I will ask the Father to speak to me and I know that He will, He always does; whether it's a word to my heart or a word from His Word.
And yes, I will take great delight from just picking it up, seeing all those lovely Fall leaves that always makes me smile!

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