Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year's End.....

"...forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead..." Phil.3:13

Forgetting those things which are behind.....hurts, misunderstandings, being mistreated,
mistakes, failures, frustrations,...

Things to remember.... renewed friendships, God's faithfulness, love of family and friends,
golden moments...things you've learned to make you a better person.....

Reaching put others before you, to learn to love unconditionally, to bless a neighbor,
meet a need of someone else, to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, to deepen your relationship with the Heavenly Father and perhaps your earthly father or mother or sister or brother,
to be all that you can be...boldly step out...take that leap of faith that's been tugging at your heart...
to treat others as you wish to be treated, to show mercy....
to live each day to the fullest, making the most of every hour and stopping along frequently to
"smell the roses"....... selah.....



Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Such a lovely day!

Climbed into my Xb this morning and headed to my first assisted living to teach a Bible study.
Met a new couple...just charming and had a special time praying individually with each
one there and after praying with one woman in particular, I saw her whole countenance change... right before my eyes! God is so good!!!

Back in the Xb and down the road to assisted living #2 to visit my three friends and teach a mini-Bible study. We had such a nice time! How loving and gracious they are!

Home for an hour to have lunch with Mike and then out again.
This time it was to a friend's house to have a lovely visit with a few ladies. We were treated like royalty...crystal, silver, china, toasting with sparkling cider, delicious goodies and just enjoying each other!
Four hours later I headed home only to run in for 15 minutes and then out to our favorite place for Mexican fare.
Then the hunt was on.....where to find our Fre wine....alcohol free, that is, for welcoming the New Year.
Store # 2 had it! Whew! Thought we were going to have to hit every Harris Teeter on this side of town!

Now it's time for sweet dreams .....

What an absolutely lovely day!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Settling down......whew!

Life is getting back to normal...whatever normal means!

We've been socializing since the week BEFORE Thanksgiving and now we seem to be "settling
down for a long winter's nap"...or at least staying home a bit more.

I will work in the house which hasn't recouperated from dragging out Christmas decorations,
in one room especially...known around here as the "black hole". You do take your life into your own hands when you enter...just ask Mike!

Christmas decorations will come down sometime this week or weekend but winter ones will remain...snow villages, snowmen, and the tree on the porch is still quite fresh and I can't bear to take it down anytime soon!

We will welcome in the New Year very quietly. Over the years we have come to prefer a nice quiet evening, just the two of us! We watch a movie, watch the ball drop, kiss at midnight and have our Sutter Home Fre...non alcoholic Merlot, toasting in the new year!

Looking forward to reading by the fire and keeping cozy warm on these upcoming winter nights!
AND of course we're always on the lookout for SNOW!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Emmanuel.... "God with us".....Wow! How incredibly awesome is that????

We don't really know the exact month, day that Christ came to earth as a baby
but this is the time many have chosen to celebrate His birth.

So now I'm reflecting on this marvelous "happening"!

Emmanuel, God with us....the Word became flesh....and dwelt with us...

God with and now....

The Best Gift of Christmas...Jesus...our Redeemer King!

Thank You Father....thank You for CHRISTMAS!

A Tribute To A Great Lady

Dellana Zabel was a unique woman of God! She IS a unique woman of God and now she's with Him on this Christmas Eve of 2009. She just left earth and has gone Home!

Dellana was "a rough and tumble cowgirl" from the West...for real!
She was a strong lady in so many ways. She and her husband hiked different parts
of the Appalachian Trail for many years and she loved doing it.

The very first time I met her, the Lord told me that she was a "diamond in the rough"
and He was right!

She was a prayer warrior and God told her things and those things would come to pass!

She was also a very generous person who gave of her time, gifts and talents, and finances to bless others and that's what she was...a pure blessing.

There were some who never really knew her, who really couldn't appreciate her "uniqueness",
who couldn't get past the "roughness" and those were the ones who lost out on knowing this special lady.

Even though we hadn't seen each other in about a year, we communicated via e-mail at various
times and she realized one of her dreams...she wrote and published a book of her life as a testimony of how God could transform a life. I will cherish that book..........

She also knew how I enjoyed Starbucks and for the past several Christmases, she and Will sent me a Starbucks gift card in the mail...this year's came Tuesday afternoon and I never had the chance to thank her.

As I write this through my tears, I am one to say that she will be greatly missed and that my life was made a bit more "richer" because of this one special lady.
I thank God for bringing her into my life for a season and yes, I will see her again when my work is done and our Father calls me Home.

Monday, December 21, 2009

What Dream Angels do in their spare time....

Bet you didn't know that Dream Angels play Nintendo DS!
Our Dream Angel, Makenna is the one on the left in each picture!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter Musings.....

The Nutcracker sweetly sleeps, for us, until Herr Drosselmeyer works his magic to awaken
him once December!

Of angels and mice, flowers and sugar plums, Snow Queens and Snow Kings with their entourage
of dancing snowflakes...these are beautiful visions that bring a warmth of
memories on a chilly, frosty night.............

John Boswell says it so well...
" a time to gather golden moments,
embark upon a sentimental journey, and enjoy every idle hour."

Each performance was truly a "golden moment"....

So many golden moments just waiting to be gathered!
Winter is just beginning!
Won't you share those golden moments you're gathering?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I heard....

"I heard a bird sing
in the dark of December

A magical thing
And sweet to remember."

Oliver Herford

This is how my early morning began!

Couldn't sleep...downstairs for coffee...piled back on the bed
in the lights of Christmas while darkness lingered at the windows... and it seemed as if the bird
was sitting on my window sill.

Truly "a magical thing and sweet to remember"!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's Nutcracker Week!

The Union County Youth Ballet performs the Nutcracker Friday and Saturday with two casts.

Our oldest granddaughter will be a "Dream Angel" this year. This is her fourth year to be a part of this very special production!

I especially have enjoyed being a part...running her to practices, performances.
It's something I look forward to every year.

Last night April and I sat for over three hours watching the dancers "dance their hearts out"!
Several times I had tears in my eyes.

This is yet another way we celebrate the Christmas season...a very special tradition!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


What a wonderful word, for the most part!

During this Christmas season, while many festivities are planned, some for weeks even,
"spontaneity" still works!

On the spur of the moment we met dear friends at a movie, then a restaurant and then
we went next door to a Starbucks, making for a late but perfectly delightful afternoon and evening. As we visited, sipping our coffees, I thought to myself...this is exactly how this beautiful season of Christmas should be celebrated...being with dear friends and family...those you love...
just enjoying their company..."good conversation" as our friend, Brian would say!

Another special event was a neighborhood get-together and it was so much seeing neighbors you rarely see, fun meeting new neighbors and then a dinner with more dear friends.

What a perfectly delightful weekend!

We're enjoying the Merriest of Christmases! It isn't about the's about the people...about the love of friends and that God gave to us in Jesus and how that love spills over onto all we open our hearts to and those hearts receiving this priceless gift!

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Not THIS Morning!

Okay...have to admit!
I DID NOT have my morning coffee on the porch....28 degrees...

However I did enjoy my coffee before a lovely warm cozy!

I even had to bundle up to feed Miss Darcy and the birds and haul wood.

Needless to say I've been in most of the day!

BUT.... I DO love this weather! Come on SNOW!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

"These are a few of my favorite things"

A few of my favorite things......

early morning coffee on the porch when "baby, it's cold outside" and the sun begins to shine on my face....

late, chilly afternoons when the sunlight streams through the den and living room windows, resting on the sofa where I sit....

dusk....need I say more?...just dusk, a magical time of day...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wednesday's Winding Down

We made our weekly or bi-weekly trek this evening-the continuing saga of "the Christmas light expedition" !

Neighborhood after neighborhood beckoned us and we winded our way down street after street.
Beautiful homes, some simply decorated, others brilliantly shining.
Since I maintain a child-like take on life, for the most part, I love the ones with thousands of lights and we found the perfect one tonight! Every window and every part of the house was outlined in white lights-front and back, bushes, trees! A carousel of reindeer riding elves was pure delight! As we approached the lights spectacular I found myself "lighting up"!
I'm still at the "oohing and ahhing" stage of life...plan to always be in that one!

It was a wonderful way to wind down.....ahhh.....

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Simply beautiful...

Andrea Bocelli's Christmas special tonight was one of the most moving, inspirational concerts I have ever experienced!
He seemed to encapsulate all the "specialness" of Christmas in this one program.

I was moved to tears in his singing of several of the old carols...the very heart of Christmas
spilling out all over the audience and coming into our den.
It truly was a holy moment as I felt transported right before the Throne of the Almighty God!
And then all I could do was whisper His name...Jesus, God with us.

I even cried when Natalie Cole sang "The Christmas Song" with him. I could see her father and remember how I loved hearing him sing that very song.
(I was raised on Nat King Cole, Perry Como, Bing's in my blood!)

His rendition of "Jingle Bells" with the Muppets was priceless!

He ended with "White Christmas" and as he sang, "snow" gently fell all over the stage...
a perfect ending to a perfect evening....

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas with the Treasures

Our Christmas party went very well Friday afternoon. Men, women, youth and kids from our church and some friends from another church came out to bless the Treasures!
At the table are three of my very special friends... from left to right is Doris, Pearl and Jackie! We had five tables of Treasures.
They ate and sang and laughed!
It was quite a delicious afternoon!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


The holidays are full of traditions. Traditions handed down to us...traditions we've started.

Putting up the Christmas tree or lighting it on Thanksgiving is a tradition we've had for many years.
As a little girl, many years after our Thanksgiving dinner, we would go to the Carousel Parade.
Then later that evening our parents would take us back uptown to see all the lights!
How we enjoyed the magical windows of Belk's, Ivey's, and the rest. How we loved driving under the lights suspended over the streets of Charlotte!

Another tradition is the Advent wreath. Ours is in the middle of our dining area table, surrounded by greenery. I no longer use the traditional colors but have chosen white candles
instead. To us they represent the purity and holiness of Christ.

Driving around several times a week to look at the lights is another tradition Mike and I began.
We're like little children! We travel our favorite neighborhoods and see who has decorated. We've done this so long that we know how most of the houses were decorated the year before!

One of our favorites "hosts" Rivendell or so we have named it! A small cascading waterfall and architectural lights scattered about makes for a magical scene no matter the time of the year.
We especially enjoy it at Christmas! We turn down our Christmas music, roll the windows down and just listen to the waterfall. Heavenly...quite heavenly.

We've others but they are for another day!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"Let Heaven and Nature sing!"

This is my favorite tree in our house. It really reflects me...who I am.
I love the woods, the birds, squirrels, deer, the rabbits...
I love nature...I always "feel" especially close to God outside...on a porch, deck, at the ocean, in the mountains...walking through woods.
It all declares His majesty...His awesome majesty!
I come out early in the mornings with my peppermint mocha coffee and just bask in
His the beautiful gifts He has given me.
I come out at dusk, my Christmas mug full of warm tea or coffee and do the same.
I become "lost in wonder"..."lost in His love" as the song says.
Yesterday afternoon I filled bird feeders and put out food for the deer. I hadn't seen them in
quite a while but knew they had been coming since the food was always gone.
I briefly thought how I had missed observing them and went about my work.
Supper was cooking on the stove and I came out on the porch with my Christmas mug full of peppermint mocha coffee and sat down...just to gaze at the tree...once again
becoming a little girl who could sit for hours it seemed, just enjoying the magic of colored lights, reflections of decorations and the fragrant tree that graced our home each year.
I even drifted back to trees of my grandparents'. I could see them in my mind.
And then I looked up...and saw our three deer. I smiled and quietly thanked the Father for sending them earlier for me to enjoy.
Coincidence some would say...not me... for I know my Father God...I know Him very well and I know how He just loves to give His children little surprises...each and every day!
Get ready! Be watchful! Look and see how He will bless you...each and every day!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Delectable December!

How I enjoy........

the fragrances of Balsam, Fir, cinnamon, scented candles, the freshness
of the air, Christmas bakings....

the sounds of Christmas music- all kinds, the sounds of laughter, of people
greeting one another, the tinkling of bells...

the sights of colored lights and white lights adorning trees and bushes and houses,
the manger scenes, candles in the windows, Christmas tree lots, wreathes...lots of wreathes on doors and windows, smiles on the faces of most everyone I meet, the beautiful store decorations,
all the greenery that dresses our homes...

the gatherings of families and friends...

the quiet meditations while seated near the tree- almost magical...

reflections of such a Holy time for those who believe...

it's "the most wonderful time of the year"!

Monday, November 30, 2009

The Treasures

This week's focus is the Christmas party our church gives the Treasures.
Set-up is Thursday night and Friday afternoon is the party.

I have been so blessed to have our church come along side and support me
in ministering to the Treasures at two assisted livings. We partner together to be a blessing to those that many have those, that in the eyes of some, have out lived their usefulness to society.
What we have found is that they are a wealth of treasure. I do believe they bless us much more than we bless them. Because of these precious ones, my life is truly rich!

Our church is pulling together to decorate , set up tables and chairs, make delicious-
low sugar goodies, get little gifts and make sure that the afternoon will be a pure delight for them!

We also do other things throughout the year just to let them know that they are not forgotten as well as visit with them once a week.

I would encourage you to seek out "Treasures" of your own...ones you can love on and be a blessing to . Just be there for them...listening... laughing with them...hugging them...letting them know they are loved and still have much to offer!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

One more time ...for this year!

Last night was wonderful! I actually got to sit down some and wasn't totally exhausted!
We enjoyed all our kids, our Grands and Mike's side of the family minus one niece and one brother-in-law. We did miss them, though there were 26 of us!
We enjoyed our pizzas, salad, Duncan's Thomas the Train birthday cake and delicious desserts
Mike's mom had made.

Now this morning Mike and I are going into Charlotte to more time this year...
my parents' house for Christmas! My sisters will be there and it will be a fun time for us all.

I love to decorate for Christmas and anyone who comes to our house can see that but believe it or not, I'm ready (after today) just to sit and enjoy it!

Friday, November 27, 2009

The day after....

Twas the day after Thanksgiving
and all through our home two creatures were stirring,
leaving nothing undone.

The halls, they were decked out in Christmas array
and visions of company gave naught to delay.

Another dinner is planned for tonight..the counting for pizza
and chairs , what a sight!

We'll put them in rooms, at tables and chairs...
we'll put them wherever and up on the stairs!

Our house seems so big when there's only a few
but oh so tiny when visited by slews!

They'll be aunts and uncles and cousins galore...
grand moms and grand dads and great-grands to adore.

The house will be shining thousands of lights by the color
and nothing no nothing will show something duller!

We'll visit, we'll chat, we'll hug and we'll kiss
and think of the many times and occasions we've missed

to be all together but one thing's for sure...we're glad we're all family,
and visit when we can and soon more occasions will be in our plans!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

This song has been on my heart for days now. It is so perfect for this special day of celebration!

"Now thank we all our God with heart and hand and voices,
Who wondrous things hath done, In Whom His world rejoices;
Who, from our mothers' arms, hath blessed us on our way
With countles gifts of love, and still is ours today.

All praise and thanks to God the Father now be given,
The Son and Him Who reigns with Them in highest heaven,
The One eternal God, Whom earth and heaven adore;
For thus it was, is now, And shall be ever more."

I grew up singing this song as a small child...this one and "We Gather Together"
every Thanksgiving season. They have remained in my heart and in my memories
of a wonderful childhood with loving family and friends.

Join with me today in thanking our wonderful Father God and may we be thankful every day
and tell Him so!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"A Christmas preview"

Mike's on vacation this week!!!! (however, he's still getting a few business calls, oh well)

We went into Charlotte yesterday and decorated his parents' house for Christmas.
April and two of our "grands" went with us to help. We decorated the tree, "made" villages
and a park...even a mini ski resort!
Mike's Dad always pulls out the Christmas CDs and we enjoy the songs as we decorate.

Now when Mike's sister and her husband and family come up from Florida this week they will get to enjoy a little bit of "Christmas"! We do this every year.

Mike and I are "readying" our house too....a little bit more each day. I can hardly wait for the fresh Balsam to grace our porch! We're decorating it in "Nature"...birds, a nest, deer, etc.
The ornaments are just waiting!

Christmas music plays in our cars, in our kitchen...all just bringing smiles and lots of Christmas memories.
Well...this morning I turned on one of the radio stations that is playing Christmas music 24/7
and then I heard this lady singing..."Where are you Christmas, why can't I find you?"

I actually answered her! Before I realized it, I was talking to her!
The words out of my mouth were this...."Christmas is a Person!" If it were not for this Person there would be NO Christmas! Oh, He has many names...Emmanuel, Bright Morning Star, Jeshua, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Jesus the CHRIST....

He alone IS Christmas!

Do we put up trees? Do we light candles? Do we use some santas and reindeer, snowmen, etc.?
Do we "deck the halls? Yes we do!
We have fun and enjoy all these but only He is really Christmas!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Thankful for family and friends!

This past weekend my sisters and their husbands along with Mike and I, hosted a 60th wedding anniversary party for our parents.
It couldn't have been better! Two hundred or more of their family and friends came to honor them. Some traveled from Ohio and Virginia...from South Carolina and other cities in North Carolina.

Ten grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren...and counting...all because two people fell in love!

It was especially nice for us! We saw cousins and friends that we had not seen in years...too many years and the love-filled hugs and kisses were like treasured gifts.

What a blessing!

It has made this Thanksgiving holiday even more special and we will continue to be with family and friends throughout the week!

May your Thanksgiving be a blessed one. May you "love "on those that God has so graciously
put in your lives to encourage you, teach you, share the joys and the trials of living.

May you love and appreciate them and may you first of all give a grateful heart to the One Who
has made us and blessed us with all good gifts...especially the gift of His precious Son, Jesus!

We are grateful Father God!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

So hard to believe.....

that next Thursday is THANKSGIVING!

"We have been the recipients of the choicest bounties of heaven;
we have grown in numbers, wealth, and power as no other nation has ever grown.

But we have forgotten God.

We have forgotten the gracious Hand which preserved us in peace and multiplied and enriched
and strengthened us, and we have vainly imagined, in the deceitfulness of our hearts, that all
these blessings were produced by some superior wisdom and virtue of our own."

Abraham Lincoln 1863
an excerpt from his Thanksgiving Proclamation

"Funny" how this could have been written today...2009

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Dancing Leaf

While traveling on a wooded street,
another car I chanced to meet.

As we approached, fell from the sky a dancing leaf,
.......just dancing by.

He danced and twirled right off her hood
as she passed by in the other lane.

As if on cue he lept at me and danced upon MY hood,
y0u see!

I laughed and smiled at this delight and off he danced...
right out of sight!

Okay...yes it does seem that I'm in my second or is it my third childhood?
Simple things DO bring me such delight and this really did happen!

Why the memory came to me in the form of a juvenile poem, I really can't say...
but it really happened the other day! :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Food for thought....

Faith is not belief without proof,
but trust without reservation.

Elton Trueblood

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day

Today I put out our American flag in rememberance and thankfulness for all who served and gave their lives in order to obtain and preserve the freedoms we have had as a nation.

Throughout the day the Gospel Music Channel showed a clip thanking all who served and then
one particular program showed the many sides of the effects of war...on those who served, on their families. The show ended with a song and the lines that remain in my head...
"All gave some, some gave all..." And the phrase that we all know so very well..."freedom is not free."

I remembered my grandmother telling me of her brother who was in WWI. He's buried in Arlington Cemetary. My grandfather ran away to join the army in WWI only to be discharged
rather quickly when they had discovered that he had lied about his age. I think he was 16.
Mike lost an uncle in WWII.

I think of all those who fought in the wars before...the war that was hard-fought to establish this country...the war between the states where the deaths outnumbered the deaths of every war we have ever been in...people fighting for what they believe in...
fighting for our freedoms...fighting so our nation would be free from tyranny...fighting for the freedom of other countries...

What would those people think about the times we are living in...where it seems that "tyranny"
is on the rise...where leaders can tell some CEOs how much money they can make...possibly even telling everyone they must have health insurance and will fine them heavily if they do not...where huge taxes will be placed on the American people, on small businesses to make this happen...billions of dollars being added to our federal budget deficit...

"No taxation without representation!" That was the cry of our founding Fathers!

What has happened to our leaders? Who do they represent? Certainly not the majority of the American people! There is no one party that seems to really care about the American people...
very few in Congress do. What matters now is greed, power and control. Only our leaders could give themselves a raise when huge numbers of Americans were facing lay-offs! What does that say????

We are quickly losing many of the freedoms that cost so many lives so many years ago...even those today.

How sad.....

The word for the day is.....


A great word to describe today in the words of that famous, timeless bear....
Winnie the Pooh!

It isn't so much cold as it is WINDY!!!!! WOW!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Getting ready....

When I was a little girl, my aunt and uncle gave me a book called "Over and Over Again".
I think that was the title. It was a book about all the holidays and how they came "over and over again", year after year. When the little girl in the book understood this, she was no longer sad
when one holiday ended for another was on its way. I think I still have that book somewhere,
probably packed away but it was always one of my very favorite books! The illustrations were remarkable!

Here we are, a few weeks before Thanksgiving. I've seen several houses decorated for Christmas already. I'm "chomping at the bits" a little myself. I decorate for Fall the first of September and enjoy those decorations for almost three months. We only have about a month to enjoy Christmas decorations so I start doing a little at a time...on the inside!
(I have been playing Christmas music in my car for quite sometime now and love the Christmas music weekends on 91.9!)

I am doing a little each day...upstairs...
Just getting ready...

We do have family coming from out of town for Thanksgiving and our Thanksgiving celebration
lasts two days every other year...this is the year!

Our family tradition has been to put up the tree on Thanksgiving night and light it. Then on the Friday after, we begin to decorate, inside and outside. It usually takes me days...

Well... this Saturday Mike and I will put up most of the outside lights but not turn them on except to test them. We're just getting ready...

I am toying with the idea of putting up the trees...(one is already up, undecorated in our bedroom)
but have them ready to turn on Thanksgiving night. I must admit the Christmas decorating bug is getting stronger by the minute!

I know some who think that all this early decorating takes away from Thanksgiving but I don't see it that way. Both of these holidays are about the same for me...the "colors" may be different but they are so steeped in God for us...they just blend together.
For us, it's all about God. Each holiday, whether it's Valentine's, Easter, Thanksgiving,'s all about God's love and about the precious Gift He gave us...Jesus.

So, yes...if you come by our house you will begin to see glimpses of Christmas...before Thanksgiving...only on the inside (unless you happen to look closely in some of our trees and bushes and around our deck in the backyard).

We're "just getting ready!"

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"Of Pirates and Princesses"

The other day the two youngest "Grand" girls spent the day with me.
These girls are always princesses....Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Cinderella and are always going to marry their Prince.

Well this day I saw very little "Princess" and more "Pirate"!
We colored , worked puzzles, made cookies, ate snacks,
watched a very little bit of Toy Story2, ...and then...

It was off to the swing set and then on the deck shooting the bad guys!
After that Emma's coloring sheet became a treasure map that only she could read!
She led us all over the woods and yards, pausing some to "read" her map.
We hunted treasure for an hour, only to discover that a squirrel had taken it!
Well that's how he sounded, kind of like he had won and we had lost!
Kylie and I took to walking up and down the driveway while Emma continued her search in the woods. (We kept a good eye on her lest the bad pirates appeared wanting her map!)

Then the Dad came and whisked the girls away!

It was a practically perfect day!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Just a little bit...

of what we have accomplished in our 35 years of marriage!
We have a wonderful family and yes, I am being quite prejudiced!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

November 2, 2009

Today's our 35th Wedding Anniversary!

Friday, October 30, 2009

"Monday's Coming Attraction..."

Monday is a very special day for Mike and me.

On Monday I will post a picture of what we were doing 35 years ago!

Here are some words of wisdom to ponder until then!

"Married love encompasses all the attributes of friendship-
with chocolate on top!"

"There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company
than a good marriage."
Martin Luther

"A successful marriage is an edifice that must be rebuilt every day."
Andre Maurois

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Father's hands

Today I went in to see my Dad.
My Mom is at the beach with some of her "Bridge" friends so after having lunch with my Dad, one of my sisters and her grandson, it was just my Dad and me.

We were working on addresses for their upcoming 60th Wedding Anniversary.
He was looking up addresses in the phone book and I was writing them down.

I just happened to glance over as he was turning pages and looked at his hands.
All of a sudden his hands looked like his Father's hands, my Pappaw's hands.

I can't begin to tell you all the emotions and feelings that rushed to my head and the memories that began to flood my heart.
There for a few seconds I was in a state of "deja vu"...seeing my Grandfather's hands...
remembering how I would hold those hands as a a teenager...and as a married woman
and remembering how I held my Father's hands...those hands that were so strong, so protecting.

My Father will turn 80 his next birthday. So will my Mom.

I find myself wanting to remember to really look at them...studying their features the next time we're together...just to "soak" them deeper inside me...cherishing every moment.

They are in good health now and my Mom is especially active. Just try going shopping with her!

But I don't want to take them for granted.

Make the most of your relationships now while you have the time and opportunity.
Be a little more patient...a little more understanding...taking the time to let them know how much you love them, how much you care...just what they mean to you.
Forget the little personality "quirks", the "things that rub you the wrong way"....

Life is much too precious!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009 - Your News Right Now

Check out this article by Thomas Sowell, a Syndicated Columnist and a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University.

The title of his article is "Dismantling America".
This is an excellent article describing our country which is quickly becoming the "land of the free and the home of the brave"... no more.

How incredibly sad.... - Your News Right Now

Monday, October 26, 2009

Me...sort of!

This is me at 57 years "young" even though the me "inside" is much younger!

A college professor once told me I would never grow up, then smiling,
he said that I would always be young at heart.

Well, he was right! But that didn't keep me from struggling with my appearance...extra weight, in the wrong places...age spots...yikes!

Posting this picture of me is a step in my "healing". I've struggled way too much after looking
in mirrors...even thought about giving them up but how do you put on makeup without one?

I've never been a beauty, cute at one time maybe, but I am learning that the me inside-the real me is beautiful and becoming more beautiful every day as I become more like Christ.

It isn't about how I look as much as it's about how I live.

I want to reflect Him in the words I speak, the tone of my voice, my actions...

A smile, a kind word or gesture, listening patiently and attentively, giving your time, yourself
for someone else...this is true beauty.

So here I am...a bit more comfortable in the "skin" I'm in, deciding to enjoy this journey,
concentrating on the inside and not the "out"!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Reverie...ahhhhhh.....

Today is a day for resting, for dreaming, for napping
and for cozily "porch" reading under a blanket!
After having the four oldest grands for three days we took today "off"' from our normal routine and are enjoying the quiet.

This tree beside our deck has begun to turn and is so beautiful to me. I can see it so well from the porch and had to take a picture of it!

It captures how I'm feeling...quiet, rich delight!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Guess that really isn't a word but that's exactly how I feel!

It's been a "Grand" three days and we've battled strep, fevers, and strong wills!
Whew! I do believe I've "combat fatigue"!

Grands are wonderful but they can be extremely tiring....that's why we have kids when we're
younger and can handle it 24/7! Those days have passed for me!

An art project...and packing before we head to the airport to pick up the parents!

Then Mike and I will hibernate tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"The Message"

Today I picked up The Message Bible and began reading Eugene Peterson's introduction of this "Work" of ten years.
He talks of just reading the Bible to begin with...and when we read it, "we enter a new world of words and find ourselves in on a conversation in which God has the first and last words...that we are included in on the conversation."

Peterson was a professor, a teacher of Hebrew and Greek in a seminary. In this work he has tried to be true to the scriptures but writing as we would speak today.
He says that The Message isn't meant to take the place of study Bibles "but first, it is important simply to read, leisurely and thoughtfully". The time for studying will come later.

If you've never read the Bible or rarely read it, I would encourage you to begin here....
Get a copy of the Message Bible. There is now one that is a numbered edition. This is the one I would suggest.

I'm going to begin today...thoughtly reading...
I will begin in the New Testament and read through, taking my time and I would love for anyone who reads my blog to "join" me.
Please let me know if you will through your comment or just e-mail me!

It's something we can do together!

I do believe it will be life-changing for us all!

Autumn Delights!

Fall seems to awaken creativity in me!
It's such a romantic, somewhat dreamy season...

And once again I have no words to convey my feelings!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Don't you just love.....

putting on your winter PJs for the first time of the chilly season....

the smell of the season's first heat of the furnace....

the first time you can see your breath....

being outdoors all bundled and smelling your neighbors' fireplaces....

watching a Wintery movie and having to run to Starbuck's for a White Chocolate Mocha latte....

adding extra blankets to your bed and getting all snuggly underneath them....

being refreshed and invigorated by the chill in the air....

thoughts of bondfires and roasting hotdogs and making Smores....

watching how the leaves change daily all around ....

driving with the heat on for the first time in the car....

the chilly air making you want to play Christmas music....

the sounds coming from the neighboring High School's football games....

bundling up and walking outside at night just to see the stars in the sky...and seeing your breath....

watching your yard filling up with all those leaves....

don't you just love it!

Monday, October 19, 2009

"The Evolving of Me"

I was born! (a good place to begin....)

I was raised in a Christian home with much love and not much money.
I never had a new bike until Mike bought me one after we were living in our current home.
My Dad got our swing set at a dump and redid it. My Mom made our play clothes and one of my
Grandmother's made our other clothes...she even made my very first formal gown!
The lady next door made my Barbie doll's clothes!

My Grandparents were very Godly people and showed me great love and did my parents. I had my share of spankings when I was deliberatly disobedient and then it was enough
just to know that some of my behavior disappointed my parents, which hurt more than a spanking ever did! (for example, my one AND only speeding ticket!)

I grew up on a street where you knew practically everyone. I walked to school and we could even walk to church.

I had great Sunday school teachers and one particular older Pastor that was a great influence on my life.

I accepted Jesus as my Saviour around the age of 10 and thought I had a pretty good relationship with Him.

I had a wonderful childhood!

I made it through High School, College, and then married the man of my dreams and then somewhere along the way my "rose-colored" glasses fell off!

Wow! I became a bit disillusioned with life in general!

Finally one day I had had it! And I literally "strongly" made this statement to God...
"If this is all there is to being a Christian, then it isn't much!"

Amazingly, God spoke to me saying that He had been waiting for me to come to that conclusion
and basically that I hadn't seen anything yet!

From that day on my life drastically changed...for the better even though some very difficult times arose. I learned that I couldn't live on just what I had been taught as a child...that there was a difference in knowing Christ as Saviour and as my Lord...huge difference there!
He had been my Saviour all those years but He had never been my Lord.

From that moment on, God showed me "things", told me "things" letting me experience His Life
and then I would read it in His Word! Wow! I was living it!

He became my Abba Father, my very life.

Being a Christian isn't about a set of rules and's about a real, viable relationship with Someone Who is more real than this day to day living here on this earth.
He is as close and real to me as breathing.
He is my very life, the air I breathe. His Word gives me life, strengthens me and keeps me sane in a world that is vastly becoming a place of confusion and injustice.

Without Him I would merely exist, having no real purpose.

There are too many professing Christians that are steeped in legalism, lists of rules and regulations and they give Christianity a bad name, leave a bad taste in the mouths of society.
There is no relationship and therefore there is no love...the Love that God showed and gave to the world in Jesus. Love is the key! Yes, we are to hate evil but not hate people. We are to love as God loves and only God can help us do that.

I could say so much more, share so many more experiences but maybe that's for another time.

Because He is...I am!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Warm and Cozy

How I enjoy chilly, cloudy, rainy days!
I love being on the inside looking out.
Today is one of those days!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"A Rainy Day Adventure"

It was a dark and chilly morning...rain falling from the sky.

Just the day for an adventure with four Grands, a Mom and I!

They came...we played...watched Mickey Mouse and then
we ate our lunch.

Cleaned up the toys, took potty breaks and climbed into the van
And headed onto 485 and the homes of the "GREAT GRANDS"-parents that is!

First we saw Grandmama and Granddaddy, parents of the Papa.
We talked a bit while children four entertained and actively played.
They kept us hopping to and fro, we were having a hard time containing...
so the Granddaddy took his stance and away they went a -browsing.

Our visit there, it ended and back to the van we strolled, three lovely colored umbrellas...
all in a row!
I grabbed the 'brellas, helped grands into the car and handed Emma's back ,
and then to my surprise, she shook her's there in front of me, spraying water in my eyes!
I laughed so hard and stood there getting wetter by the minute.
Finally we all climbed in...whew! We did it!

On to Granggie's Mom and Dad, Mammaw and Pappaw. We entered in a hugging and a kissing
on the cheek, found puzzles, blocks and books galore spilling them at our feet!
We played, we laughed and enjoyed Pappaw's "toys". We found some snacks and played when our"grand" cousins came and added to our joy!

What fun we had with Aunt Denise, she's always entertaining!

But soon our visit ended...
more potty breaks and picking up and to the van we went and headed back across
the town with countless trucks and cars and such but around that time, on that great road
one does expect that much!

We made one stop to get a shirt for the littlest grand you see and then one more for Granggie
who had to have her Wendy's chili!

They dropped me off, the Mom and Grands on the way to get their Dad, thus ending one of the best rainy day adventures that we have ever had!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Season's First Fire

With the cloudy, cooler weather I thought it the perfect time for the first fire of the season.
Even though it isn't that chilly..... BUT with the windows opened and the door to the porch
opened, it created the perfect temperature for a small fire!

Such a lovely way to end a wonderful day!

How I love this time of year!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pumpkin Faces

"Oh what a night!"


We took April and the 4 oldest Grands out to dinner and I rode in the back of their van with
Makenna and Camden and there was NEVER a lull in conversation...AND it continued in the
restaurant...AND was highlighted with magic tricks and Elliott singing in my ear!

Oh me! I told Mike I was worn out! Coming home three were singing and one was talking...ALL AT the SAME TIME! Whew!

We left them to their movie and candy corn and Papa and I went in search of ICE CREAM
at Baskin/Robbins, only they didn't have my German Chocolate available yet! :(
Ice cream and a bit of quiet...ahhhh...was lovely, just lovely!

Christian has become quite the magician and really "gets" me most of the time!
He always has a new trick to show us each time we're together.

It was a wonderfully loud but enjoyable "Grand" evening!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lovely Autumn

"No Spring nor Summer beauty hath such grace as I have seen in one autumnal face."
John Donne


Isn't it amazing how God can just meet you "where" you are? How He can "read" your mail...
How He can say exactly what you need to hear at the exact moment you need to hear it.....

That was yesterday...


this morning...when I turned on my computer and clicked on Rick Renner's Sparkling Gem
for the day and this was the title that appeared... "What will you do when the effects of gravity start to show up?"

I had to laugh! God knows me SO well!

He usually answers my questions BEFORE I even ask them...just when they START becoming a thought in my head...


Monday, October 5, 2009

A blogging day!

Okay...I can tell this may turn into a blogging day of random thoughts, maybe even some rambling ones!

After my last blog...feeling a tad bit "down", I took my coffee to the porch and sat in the rocker.
Looking out, through the rain, I began to see more of Fall's colors emerging and against the cloudy, wonderfully rainy background, it was a sight to behold!
Was just the thing to perk me up and get me going! Lesson learned- there's beauty all around
if we would truly "open" our eyes!

Random thought #2:

Monday isn't one of my usual laundry days but I JUST HAD to wash today!
You see, we got a new washer and dryer Saturday!
They're lean, mean, green machines! Front loading LGs and I'm loving them!
After almost 20 years of great service, our old pair was dying and we knew we had to do something.

Now, here is where I put in a "plug" for Home Depot- my favorite hardware, etc. store.
The last three appliances we've gotten have come from Home Depot because they had the best prices on what we wanted. They also will match anyone else's price if you have the ad and with the washer/dryer, we had already bought it at their low price only to discover on Friday that Sears came out with it a bit cheaper. We took the ad to the store and not only did they match the price but then gave us an additional 10% off each one! Now that's taking care of the customer!

Okay, commercial over...
back to random thoughts on laundry...

I'm really enjoying doing laundry. My washer plays music when you turn it on and it plays a longer tune when the wash is finished! Just makes me smile!!!! Oh, simple things give me so much pleasure.....ummmm

Love the smell of clean clothes!

Which took me back to my days as a child...we only had a washer for many years and my mother hung clothes on the clothesline...what a wonderful smell!

Didn't like it so much when I was the one that had to hang them out, though...and take them in.

After Mike and I got married we bought a washer/dryer from Sears and that was nice.
I decided that I wanted a clothesline too so Mike fixed me one.
I didn't think too much about it until I went to hang out clothes...was just in the mood to do it.
Well, I went to hang the first piece and discovered I couldn't even reach the line! Mike had fixed it so he could reach it. I managed to stretch and stretch, standing on my toes and finally got them hung but I never did use it too much after that!
Yeah for dryers!

Okay, after doing two loads of laundry,(sheets-I tend to put off those until I have no more clean ones), I'm done with laundry for today! more random thoughts for now!

For the record......

Yes, I'm a fairly normal woman...and yes, I have "days" know the "days" I'm talking about....

the days where you can't stand to look into a mirror...
your hair doesn't look right no matter what you do to it...
you think you feel and look MUCH older than you are...need I say more...

Yes, I'm being reminded of inner beauty...
being grateful for the "years" of living...

but to be perfectly honest... it "ain't" making things better for the moment....

Hey, but it IS just a moment...and moments change...!

One thing I'm seeing here is that I could use an attitude adjustment AND
work on the things that I can change!
I just need to use a little discipline and self-control...

And climb out of this "pit" I seem to have fallen into!

Thank goodness I don't have to do this alone or should I say "thank You God" for helping me make the most of this season in my life!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 2 of October Autumn Delights!

After having breakfast and prayer time on the porch, I dressed and ran a few errands.

I traveled down one of my favorite roads, listening to classical music on my favorite station-
89.9 WDAV and was immediately "surrounded" by Autumn delights! I rolled down my windows
to allow the coolness of the morning to engulf me as I took in sights of golden rod, open fields of grains and grasses and hundreds of trees of all shapes, sizes, varieties-most just beginning to adorn themselves with their new Fall wardrobe. And for a moment time seemed to stand still...
and there arose such a holiness... God's "magic" unfolding right before my eyes.

How can one really describe all the feelings evoked by such majesty... words cannot do it justice.
I was overwhelmed and lost in the beauty of the moment...selah...selah...selah...

In that moment all the holiness, all the beauty entered my very soul and now I will carry it about...within me... throughout my day...even into the night...

All praise and glory to the Lord of the Harvest...the God of all creation...the One Who made each season for us...just to enjoy!

As we delight in His creation, He delights in us! How beautiful!

To you, my Father God, I am forever grateful!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hello October!

First of all...where did September go? Is it just me or is time literally flying?

October has arrived bringing promises of chilly days and nights, bond fires, leaf raking,
brilliant color, pumpkins galore, earthy scents enhanced by spicy cinammon, cloves, nutmeg and pumpkin, fires in the fireplace, mugs of hot apple cider, earlier dusks, the shifting sunshine as it trickles through the windows of our homes...and the cozy visits with friends and family.

What an absolute lovely time of year!

William Cullen Bryant describes it best....

"Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile."

PS... I love Winter too and am always anticipating SNOW and yes....that somewhat illusive
White Christmas! One day! One day! :)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Flexibility- the "art" of being definition!

Being flexible is an art. It takes skill and practice...much practice but I do believe it's a good thing for the most part.

Yesterday tested my flexibility a bit and it was good!

After visiting my treasures, I went to get Elliott to take him to his soccer clinic and ended up with two extra boys.(NOT PLANNED!) We watched Elliott show his kicking skills and then headed home.
One of the guys hadn't eaten either so I fixed us lunch. Leggos came out to form a pirate ship, felt turned into a monster bat...actually a rather cute little guy and then we tested our number skills on Papa's huge calculator. Off to get Elliott and back to Granggie's(also not planned...usually take him straight home) where Leggos became a more complicated pirate ship and a space ship...I think that's what it was.

Then the play guns came out after a brief visit to the attic, snacks, porch time, computer time and then home around 5:30PM.

Next leg of the journey-not planned either, April's and my trek to the Mall. I was already feeling a bit tired but
the cooling of the evening perked me up!
She got what she needed and then we "smelled" our way through Bath and Body works...
Leaves...a new the oil and wow!!!! I'm hooked! and through Yankee Candle.
All scents of Autumn.....yum!...heavenly!

After all that we realized that we hadn't eaten and headed to McD's and the dollar menu.
Sat and ate in the car with the window down, loving the cool night air.

Back to her house and then home for me and bed!

And it was a very nice Autumn day! (and most of it was "not planned"!)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Early Morning Delight!

Got up early and couldn't wait to "check" the temperature!

Chilly...49 degrees! Yippee!

Made the coffee, donned my winter robe, grabbed my glasses and Bible and headed for the porch!

Wow! I could see my breath!

There I sat, all cozy under a blanket, enjoying the freshness of the new autumn morn!

Just doesn't get much better than that!

What a way to begin the day...the Lord, me and His creation! SELAH!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Cooler nights and early mornings!

Just walked outside with Darcy and was excited about the coolness of the evening!

Autumn...lovely, magical, crisp, majestic richness!
I'm savoring every little bit!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's A Blood thing!

Autumn "runs" in our family! It's in our blood.

George Eliot said this, "Delicious Autumn! My very soul is wedded to it..."

I know how he feels.

Today after returning our "grand" Elliott from soccer clinic, our "grand" Camden met me
at the car door and was pulling on me before I could even get out of the car.

The reason....he had to show me the Fall leaves...special Fall leaves. Makenna and Elliott joined us (Napoleon the cat too) as we walked across the field where the abandoned house sits, across another plot of land, down into the woods toward the pond.
As we drew near the pond we discovered some gorgeous fall leaves...brilliant reds,
yellows, spotted ones, some that seemed to have been tie-dyed and then there they were...
two special maples, right on the edge of the pond!
They really were breath-taking, each leaf beautifully colored, as if handpainted by God Himself...selah.....

We stopped to pick a few and gather from the ground and then we continued on our journey through the woods, now, joined by Christian. We picked up more leaves as we headed back to their house where we laid them out on the table to admire them.

It thrills me to see them love the Autumn as much as I... to get so much pleasure from this precious, glorious season!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Thoughts of Autumn

Each day brings a bit more color, more falling leaves.

How I love driving about, taking in the colorful changes!

I leave you with this lovely thought...

"Winter is an etching,
spring a watercolor,
summer an oil painting
and autumn a mosaic of them all."

Stanley Horowitz

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Husband - the Good Sport!

Okay....Mike wasn't thrilled that I let Darcy sleep with me BUT
He has been a great sport about letting her be with us in the house more!

He has allowed her to "watch" television in the den with us and even let her lie in bed with us a while last night. (She had to SLEEP in her little room at the side porch! )

My sisters and their husbands came this afternoon to visit, eat and plan our parent's 60th
celebration and Darcy was outside or in "her" room but after they left she joined us
and now she's back in the Grands' cubby while I'm on the computer.

I must say Mike has been great about the whole thing! And bless his heart- he has put up with all my animals and the kid's animals for 35, birds, BG the Mexican Redheaded parrot who made our home sound like a jungle EVERY morning , Warren the Star Wars whistling cockatiel, a dove, a love bird, Joey and Beau, the Beagle/Bassett who wet on him the very first time he saw Mike and then on the day Beau died, 6 other dogs, cats too many to count, aquatic frogs who loved to escape their aquarium,
guinea pigs, rabbits, hermit crabs, whew! I think that's all.....

I do believe there will be a few extra stars in his crown for tolerating our pets and allowing us to enjoy them!

To "borrow" the words of our son-in-laws...."Mike, you rock! and Mike , you're the Bomb!"

Friday, September 18, 2009

True Confessions!

Okay, okay Mike...guess I wasn't REALLY kidding!

Darcy had been soooo good and I was reminded of Stanley...Steamin Stanley Roundbottom the
the Third...

Stanley was my English Sheepdog during the days of Rod McKuen's poetry(he had sheepdogs)
and the early years of our marriage.
Mike had to go out of town for a week and Stanley slept with our full size bed of which he
had the most space.

Well all this came to my mind last "wonderful sneaky mind" according to Kylie!

So I thought I would give Darcy a try! No she didn't sleep on your side, Mike, but right smack up against me! Actually she chose a very protective stance and it was so sweet and we both slept quite well!

She stays right with me and is obeying me so well. Right now she's asleep in the Grand's
cubby in the attic room where I'm busy blogging!

I leave you with this thought, all you dog lovers...

"Dogs are our link to paradise. They don't know evil or jealousy or discontent.
To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden,
where doing nothing was not boring-it was peace."
Milan Kundera

Well, I don't know if that's true of all dogs but Miss Darcy was a bit jealous when we showed Katie affection sometimes...
but all in all she's a wonderfully sweet companion!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Miss Darcy

Miss Darcy is my 130-140 lb Great Dane! She's nearly 7 years old...not especially brilliant but terribly sweet with a ferocious deep bark when she's inclined!

Her tail could clear off a table or beat someone. And she's true to her breed...she's a leaner.

She's rather spoiled... has been most of her life. Our son gave her to me as a gift.
She was a beautiful puppy with very large feet, black and white with an "ermine" collar.

She loves to be loved and just wants to be with you.
She really loves all the "Grands" and is terrific with them, a real Gentle Giant.

Tonight I decided to bathe her in Mike's shower that I had just cleaned. She was a trooper and now has a shiny black coat and and is most pleasant to be around.

She now has become my mostly house dog, especially at night and when it looks like rain.

I feel like I'm in that old movie, Little Lord Fauntleroy (sp?), where the Grandfather's Great Dane becomes his good friend!

We've had a lovely evening! Wonder if Mike would mind if she slept on his side of the bed?????
Just kidding Mike!

Something Special

My cousin, Michele, and I share something special.... we write letters, REAL letters!

We use real, put stamps on them and actually mail them to each other!

We look forward to receiving letters and notes from each other. It's like receiving a gift.

Maybe it's because she's a writer, a published author- 5 or 6 books I think and also she doesn't care for computers. We did try the "e-mail" approach a few years back but she didn't like it.
And I'm really glad she didn't!

We use special stationery...a taste of Jane Austen's time, or the Victorian era or whatever else
we deem pretty or feminine.

My cousin no longer writes books. She has had some medical problems and even writing letters
can be a bit difficult for her...which makes her letters to me VERY special.

We've always shared a love of family even though we didn't see each other growing up but maybe once or twice a year. Through our letters our love for each other as cousins has deepened and has become...something special...a treasured friendship.

And she is actually going to spend some time with us in November! We will talk into the wee hours of the morning and just enjoy being together!

PS...I do use e-mail to stay in touch with some people who are very special to me...who I rarely see but who are dear to me...Debbie, Brenda, Winslow, Mary, friends of 35 years
and my sister-in-law, Cheryl, in Florida.
So you see, I DO like e-mail too!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A wonderful sneaky mind?????

After visiting some of my Treasures, I headed over to Anna's to baby sit.

Three were finishing lunch and Kellan was on his way to bed.

Anna soon departed to be pampered a bit and I engaged in interesting conversations and Thomas the Train...and Thomas the Train...and Thomas the Train!
Then it was Thomas the Train counting games and color games and matching games...he is rather cute but when he talks, his lips don't move...matter of fact no one's lips move...ummm...

I finally caught Duncan to put him down for a nap. He is too funny for words and that doesn't really help when you're trying to be "Granggie-the Serious". After countless "sweet dreams" and much laughter I returned to the girls.

We then graduated to High Ho Cherry-O and Kylie proceeded to tell me that I had a "wonderful sneaky mind" to which I replied that she and Emma had "scathingly brilliant ideas" and she said
Kylie learned that line from Ricky Ricardo and mine was from Hayley Mills!
(Guess you can see what we raised our kids on... and are passing it down to the Grands!)

On My Way!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

I made it through yesterday's goals and challenges!

This morning began quite early but was definitely orchestrated by the Spirit of God!

I was led to delicious "food" for thought by two of my very favorite Bible teachers,
both of whom I had no idea were on that early and one who has gone on to be with the Lord but was so special to Mike and I growing in the Lord. And wouldn't you know, the messages they shared were just what I needed to hear! "Ain't" God good!!!

AND....I've already exercised for 30 minutes!!!! Oh my gosh!!!! I can hardly believe it!
I actually did it!!!!

I am finally learning that I can't put that off for when I rarely happens....could it be that I'm "growing up"?????

Well here I go.....boldly, happily into today's adventures!

Monday, September 14, 2009


Change- "to become different; alter; to undergo alteration; ..."

I try to examine my life on a fairly regular basis. Sometimes I like some of what I "see" and
sometimes I "see" some things I do not like.

It really comes down to choices...choices I have made...

Some are physical, some are spiritual, some are emotional, material, etc....

For example,
I need to take off some extra weight...for the health of my body.
I need to work on my "love walk" as I was convicted of that yesterday by our Pastor's message.
I need to become more organized, more thrifty, a better steward of time, finances...

I could go on a bit more but here is where I will stop and here is where I will begin.

I have been spending a great deal of time with the Father this morning ...sharing my heart...being so "real"...
so honest before Him.

The things in me that need changing, He and I will work on it together.
He did tell me that it will take discipline and self-control.
I am determined to do my part!

This will be a lifestyle change...a change that will be on -going for the rest of my life but one that I will work on one day at a time.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

"A Thoroughly Terrific & Tiring Thursday!"

Today was a "Grand" day! All the Grands!
Anna came by and picked me up to shop at Target in the late morning.
I couldn't even count how many times my name was said and I loved it!

After a fun shopping trip we headed back to our house for lunch...natural hotdogs, chips, and fruit.

Then came the second "wave" of Grands around 1:40pm and then we all proceeded to do
Fall crafts, make books and write stories! It was rather wild but so entertaining!
Paper, stickers, markers, pencils were everywhere! Wish you could have read some of these stories!

Anna left with her crew and the others remained. We played games, learned tricks, ate MnMs,
made more books, played outside...whew!

April and Lee came just as I was beginning to fade....and they invited me to go to dinner with them at our very favorite Mexican restaurant-Mexicali Rose but I told them that it had been a very long day and would just stay home!

I have a good book all lined up and am heading to the porch!

It was a wonderful "Grand" day! Now I'm looking forward to a quiet, relaxing evening...ahhhhh


Found this quote the other day and I love it!

"Autumn is a second Spring when every leaf is a flower."
Albert Camus

I read about a woman who pulls up a chair under her English walnut trees,
to be "rained" upon by the golden leaves!

I love driving through a "shower" of swirling leaves! It always makes me laugh!

When we had a sun roof in our car, I especially enjoyed having it opened to catch the leaves
and the grands enjoyed it too!

Just simple pleasures bring such joy and refreshing to my soul...selah....

Thank you Father God for giving us seasons to enjoy!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


That's where I a state of pensiveness......................

pensive-"thinking deeply or seriously, expressing deep thoughtfulness, reflective"

Several thoughts are whirling through my head, no- "whirling" is not the's more like drifting...that's it...
I'm not anxious yet there is a bit of heaviness and these thoughts are not for me but for others. There's a bit of sadness that I share with a beautiful friend whose husband no longer wants to be married...she's heartbroken...
there are others who question the faithfulness of God...even some who have rejected Him.
My heart is burdened but I will pray.

James 5:16 says the prayers of the righteous avail much...accomplish much!
My prayers avail much! Am I being, just confident...
simply because I know that Christ alone is my righteousness...He alone MAKES me righteous.
Therefore my prayers avail much.

My hope--confident expectation, is in my Father God Who has never let me down, has never failed me even though I've failed Him too many times. He just picks me up and sets me on His path...and lovingly holds my hand and guides me on this journey of living.
He even carries ALL my burdens. I just have to follow.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Coming of Fall

I do believe the autumn is my favorite season!

I begin to get excited at the first colors of the season...the first yellow/gold leaf that dances down to our yard...the sounds of the insects as they announce the changing of the seasons...
the wonderful change in temperatures...the days beginning to be shorter...the way the air takes on a new fragrance....

opened windows...early morning coffee while "robed" in sweaters and blankets...chilly evenings...
the sounds drifting over from the high school football games a few streets over...
the aroma of baking "Nuts n Bolts"- homemade Chex mix for those of you not raised in the South...a fire in the fireplace...pumpkins and garlands of colored apple cider and Russian tea...the scent of sweet cinnamon pumpkin wafting throughout our home...ummmmm...

all I can do is just smile and enjoy!

As a little girl, my mother making Nuts n Bolts was one of the ways we celebrated the coming of the Autumn. It's tradition! I did the same when our children lived at home and now the girls
celebrate Autumn with their families by making this delicious treat!
AND...I just took Autumn's first batch out of the oven...the house smells wonderful!

(okay, I know Autumn doesn't really get here until the 22nd but I've NEVER been one to be able to wait until then!)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Porch day....not really!

Yesterday was to be my porch day...well it was my porch morning mostly.

There was the dishwasher that needed to be unloaded which led to cleaning out a
cabinet so I could make room for my china...which led to de-cluttering the countertops...
which led to totally reorganizing the pantry...which led to rearranging the kitchen a bit...

which took hours and I still have a few things on the table, trying to decide where to put them!

After that ordeal I became a "couch potato" the rest of the evening.

Now I'm up and ready for the day! Oh, what's that?
I think I "hear" the laundry room crying that it's her turn!
Well, she will just have to wait until after lunch for the morning is already full!

Monday, August 31, 2009

It's a porch day for me!

You see these french doors...well I'm about to walk through them onto the porch and here is where I will spend most of my day!
After a very busy week and weekend I will "hibernate" here for the Bible, journal,
and a few good books.....ahhhhh......

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Makenna's Birthday Tea

What a lovely tea party we had on Saturday!

Here's Makenna and pictures of our tea will follow.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Night Before....

Twas the night before the Birthday Tea and all through the house
there was so much action...too much for the mouse!

The "grands" watched their movie, in and out of the den, while
Bonnie , Mom and Granggie worked as in a spin.

The Dad and the Papa went about here and there watching over the festivities
without nary a care!

The kitchen was a buzzing...the eating area too as Bonnie the Party planner
showed what she could do!

We worked for several hours until we were exhausted then one by one
departed leaving us quiet and voiceless.

Ahhhhh, the bed it was so comfortable, our muscles pained and stretched
for Papa and the Granggie had worked and hauled and carried
pavers, mulch, and brick.....

All this before the Tea work night and were pretty well spent!

Now we're counting hours and we've so much work to do but Papa will do the dusting and the vacuuming too!!!

No more time for blogging for there's much to be done and we can hardly wait
for the Birthday Tea fun!

Friday, August 28, 2009


"Granggie-rella, Granggie-rella, all I hear is Granggie-rella...get the flowers and the shrubbery, clear the weeds out, now the housework, dust and vacuum, do the mopping, clean those bathrooms, clear the stairway, wash those windows, sweep those porches, cook the dinner, do the kitchen, get the groceries, fix the table, arrange the flowers,etc..." Thank goodness the china's clean!

Well, there is no wicked stepmother ( I know that all stepmothers aren't wicked but did Disney ever know it?) telling me what to do! It's all in my mind! It's me!

Why is it that when we're preparing our homes for an "occasion" we see all these other things we would like done...before?

For example...the porch and deck have been finished for months now and all of a sudden I'm doing landscaping!!!! I've been to Home Depot two days in a row and will be going again in a little while! I've hauled bushes, plants, flowers, brick and will go back this morning for mulch and possibly more brick. It tires me out just thinking about it!
I still have to dig up grass and do the brick and repot flowers before I even work on the house!

Oh well, here I go! No more time for blogging!

Hey, I just thought of something....where are all the mice and the birds and the rabbits that helped Cinderella! I sure could use a few of them today! :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Oh my goodness!"

Oh my goodness! The excitement is mounting as we prepare for this special birthday tea!
Now April's childhood best friend, Bonnie is coming alongside to help make this event
even MORE special! She has "scathingly brilliant ideas" and with all our creative minds...well, all I can say is "WOW"!

I do believe we are all becoming quite "giddy"!

And today is Makenna's official birthday..."Happy Birthday" my beautiful brown-eyed
princess! You are greatly loved...especially by Papa and Granggie!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Party Planning/Housecleaning!

This Saturday our oldest granddaughter will be having a Birthday Tea Party, inviting 12 of her friends and girl cousins (who are friends too!)
The Moms are also invited but no boys allowed! (Sorry have to stay upstairs or go to a movie with Uncle Bill since Aunt Brittany is coming too!)

So April and I have our work cut out for us! I will clean, clean, clean...
polish silver, iron the "Tea" tablecloth, help with the goodies to eat, arrange the flowers and play hostess. And I am actually looking forward to it!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Treasure Day!

Yesterday our Pastors, some Moms, Grandmothers, children and Teens- a total of 16 of us
hosted a "craft/ice cream sundae" party for over 30 Treasures at Weddington Park
Assisted Living.
It was a blast!

The residents made Fall door hangers;some jumped in there, gluing, sticking, creating
and a few others had to be coerced, telling us that they weren't crafty! Oh but they were and then were so proud of their creations!

Then came the ICE CREAM SUNDAES! YUMMY! We had toppings galore- fresh peaches with blueberries, fresh strawberries, sprinkles, syrups, whipped cream and cherries.
Some only wanted a bit of chocolate syrup, others wanted the works and some just said
"surprise me"!

There were hugs and laughter, "good conversation" (for you Brian!), walkers and wheelchairs, smiles and frowns when some wanted to eat too much and we had to say,
very politely "no more".

Some came early and some came late....even when all was put away but our ladies just
jumped in there pulling it all out again...such gracious servers!

We came away "richer" and incredibly blessed with full hearts and warm memories AND
new found friends!
What priceless treasure!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday's musings

Quote of the day:

"Some books should be tasted
some devoured,
but only a few
should be chewed and digested thoroughly."

from the book, Inkheart

Several books I chew and thoroughly digest...over and over again...
the Bible, Christ the Healer,
The Scent of Water by Elizabeth Goudge, Jan Karon's Mitford series...

There are more but these were the first to "pop" into my head!

I love books that encourage me, books that make me cry, books that make me laugh outloud, books that make me think, books that whisk me away from the "things of man", mystery books, cook books, books, books, books!

Oh yes and the smell of books and bookstores...yummy!

Monday, August 17, 2009

A "revealing" weekend!

I welcome correction...well actually I welcome correction from the Lord but it doesn't make me feel good! (All other is not quite so welcomed...working on that too)
Well, it does make me feel good to know that He loves me too much to let me remain
as I am.

That's the kind of weekend I had. It really WAS a good weekend...Mike came home on Wednesday night rather than Thursday; He had a good Dr.'s visit...had "beautiful"
blood pressure-a first for him and inspite of the stressful project he's on...prayer works and the Word makes medicine work even better!...on Saturday the girls and I, along with Kellan, went to a lovely bridal shower luncheon...Saturday evening found a great Cajun restaurant with Mike...
The Cajun Yard Dog...wonderful shrimp creole...YUM!(at the Arboretum)

Then the Lord spoke to me through His Word, Message Bible that I am reading for fun!
"You start, you need humility and discipline". YIKES! OUCH! Sure didn't see that one coming...but He's right....ummmmm....

And then Sunday afternoon....BAM! My Mom had given me a sweet little rocker, have had it for almost two years...had painted it a beautiful olive green and was using it on our porch and she called to say she wanted it back. I was not happy about it but I was not rude to my mom. BUT after I got off the phone, I was angry..really angry and kept rehearsing my "mistreatment"!

Well, my anger turned into a bad mood...yes I was praying or trying to...then I got Mike in a bad mood...then I was mad at myself for acting the way I was acting...
"out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks"---SLAMMED!
All that junk...right there in me! Boy did I feel rotten, am sure I was beginning to "smell" a bit rotten to the Lord too...

Confessed my faults and let all the junk go and came out a much sweeter fragrance to the Lord! Took me several hours to get there but I did!

A bit wiser...a bit more more mature...I'm now on the "alert" so I can behave more Christ-like in this new week.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer Evening Serenade

Candlelight....tealight....and our own private serenade...

We sat on the porch tonight enjoying quiet conversation, the glow of candlelight
and a symphony performed by tree frogs, cicadas and various other winged creatures.

On the edge of our woods, with our neighbor's light breaking through, several deer passed, continuing their nightly trek between our houses. They had been in our backyard several times today- morning and afternoon.

Such a magical, holy night..."This is my Father's world and to my listening ear all nature sings and 'round me rings the music of the spheres".

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Love a rainy day!

What a wonderful rainy day we've had!

Loved driving in it!
Loved sitting on the porch surrounded by it!
AND...loved curling up with a blanket and watching an old Clark Gable movie-
looking from the inside out...watching the leaves trying to catch each drop!

Now I've begun to turn on cozy on a cloudy, rainy day.

Soon Mike will be home and I can curl up with him! Just doesn't get much better than this!
It's the simple things that bring so much pleasure.......selah....

Monday, August 10, 2009

Day's ending

How I love "looking" back over the day's activities and reviewing my accomplishments!

Makes me feel so good... ahhhhhh....

Of course there are days when I seem to run in circles, accomplishing very little.

Our Pastor has been teaching on leadership for several weeks now and one of the aspects was on "Vision". "Write the vision...make it plain" Habakkuk 2:2
The second part of that tells us "so the reader can run with it."

His teaching has encouraged me to "write" the goals, daily and for seasons in my life. It gives me something to aim for...lest I aim at nothing
for that is what I will get... nothing.

I'm preparing a binder with dividers for my personal goals, spiritual goals,
household goals, etc. I am also writing my goals for the day and checking them off as I do them! How I love CHECKING them off!

Okay...truthfully...some I don't get to and most of the time it's because I didn't want to do it- not because I ran out of time! It is something I am working on.

Like I put down "exercise" but my flesh keeps me busy with other things and then it's too late. I definitely need to work on this one!

I still have time to make that happen today and since I shared all this, I do believe my blog is going to hold me accountable!

Wow! Can a blog really do that?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Back from my Sabbatical!

Here I go again... am returning to the wonderful world of blogging!
I will never Twitter or Facebook..that's just not me! I'm just a blogger!

I am returning a bit older and wiser and more secure in who I am...thank you Jesus for that!

Am having a very nice summer enjoying the "Grands", the porch and the wildlife.
We now have deer that come daily to eat the corn I put out and our apples and drink from our birdbath. They seem quite comfortable with us and watch us watch them!

I love finding leaves that have put off their new green "clothes" for those more colorful... everyone whispering "the promise of Fall...."
I collect them and keep them until they dry up and then I find more. I put them on the window sill at the kitchen sink where I can enjoy them. Sometimes I even put one under the back wiper of my car and drive all over, silently announcing "the promise of Fall" to anyone who may notice.

I'm off to enjoy my husband and the day...nothing planned but spontaneous!

I leave you with this:

Quote of the day....
"What do we live for, if not to make the world less difficult for each other?"
George Eliot