Sunday, November 1, 2009

November 2, 2009

Today's our 35th Wedding Anniversary!


April said...

Happy Anniversary to the most incredible parents a girl could ever have!!! Ya'll did an amazing job raising Billy, Anna and I! Love you both so much!!:)

Daniel, Anna, Emma, Kylie, Duncan, and Kellan said...

Happy Anniversary wishes from FB -
Gigi said, "What a beautiful picture! Please wish them a happy one from me ;) "
Jessica said, "Happy Anniversary Mike and Debbie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Ron said, "OMG! I didn't know M&D this young... Happy Anniversary!"
Don said, "This is a GREAT picture! Happy Anniversary from the Gaskeys"

See...everybody loves ya'll :)

Don & Carol Kingsmore said...

What a beautiful you can tell I am reviewing your past blogs today and enjoying every moment of it. I still have to come to the library to do it...but in God's time I will get the internet connection I need at home and the new computer too. Don & I celebrated our 44th wedding anniversary on May 14, 2010....Your girls look just like you! Mike...the "long" blonde hair....How old were yall and where were you married?