Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"Of Pirates and Princesses"

The other day the two youngest "Grand" girls spent the day with me.
These girls are always princesses....Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Cinderella and are always going to marry their Prince.

Well this day I saw very little "Princess" and more "Pirate"!
We colored , worked puzzles, made cookies, ate snacks,
watched a very little bit of Toy Story2, ...and then...

It was off to the swing set and then on the deck shooting the bad guys!
After that Emma's coloring sheet became a treasure map that only she could read!
She led us all over the woods and yards, pausing some to "read" her map.
We hunted treasure for an hour, only to discover that a squirrel had taken it!
Well that's how he sounded, kind of like he had won and we had lost!
Kylie and I took to walking up and down the driveway while Emma continued her search in the woods. (We kept a good eye on her lest the bad pirates appeared wanting her map!)

Then the Dad came and whisked the girls away!

It was a practically perfect day!

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