Thursday, March 31, 2011

Never thought that I would see .....

something as wonderful as a Trane heat pump! I don't EVEN know where to begin. First of all we found out last week that we needed a new heat pump! Our heat pump had not really worked very well for years. One or two rooms would be comfortable and the others were either too hot or too cold. It was frustrating but thought that's how it had to be. What we found out is that, #1, you get what you pay for, especially when it comes to heat pumps! Mike e-mailed Union Electric late one evening, leaving them a message and in only a few minutes time someone called him. They were out the next day and in less than a week we have the best working heat pump we have ever had! I am amazed at the every room! It's amazing how the system is so balanced. Getting an excellent heat pump has made ALL the difference! (plus adding a return grill and variable speed drive...whatever that really means, but that's what Mike said, I think!) I use to freeze in the kitchen and eating area and in the "attic" room but now they feel just as cozy as the other rooms! I know I am a bit weird but I'm so loving just going from room to room, enjoying the constant temps! I've never known THAT since we've been in this house! I AM TICKLED! (That's for you, Lee!)

Love this!

This morning's pearl: "Relax, throw open the windows of our stuffy little souls and let the cooling breezes of a better world sweep through! What will all our petty worries amount to fifty years from now? Rejoice in the old simplicities which no man can take away--like spring and green woods and mocking-birds. And, better still, rest our souls in the goodness of God and His amazing grace." V. Havner Amen and Amen!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Progress Report!

This is day 3 of my "pulling away" and it has been soooo refreshing! Have cleaned out drawers and organized them, thrown out a huge bag of trash---oh that felt so good! Today I ventured out in the rain to purchase a treat for the Grands and delivered them. Just thought that a rainy day with kids inside warranted a special treat that would also benefit the moms. I really enjoyed my drive over country roads and rain-swelled creeks. Lovely to see Spring displaying various shades and shapes of her new "wardrobe" against a darkened backdrop! Makes the colors seem to shout their appearance! All so beautiful! God is so amazing! Now I'm back home and will tackle yet another project. I'm really enjoying this decluttering/organizing/simplifying business!

Monday, March 28, 2011

on "pulling away"

Today I begin a two week period of "pulling away"...pulling away from some regular routines so I can get a better handle on setting our house in order. For about two months I found myself struggling with being gone too many mornings a week even though that did vary some. I'm a "morning" person and get my best "work" done in the mornings. I began to feel a bit overwhelmed with the disorganization at home...things that are my responsibility. I don't work outside the home but have jokingly said that I'm too busy to have a full time job. With the Treasures, family, friends and church, I can get pretty busy at times. And I have discovered an "amazing" truth- if you're not home, you can't set things in order at home! So I'm taking a break and staying home! There's lots to do and I will need to spend my time wisely in order to accomplish what I would like to accomplish during the next few weeks. I am just very thankful that I can take the time to do this!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Of birthdays and fairies....

and "weddings" and such...
Twas rather a magical afternoon!
Emma and Kylie celebrated their birthdays today, surrounded by family; all their first cousins, and aunts and uncles, grandparents and great-grandparents attended the fairy-filled affair!
10 "munchkins" all inside on this rainy day and all were quite good!
There were "weddings"- Eric and Ariel, Cinderella and her Prince, various fairies flitting about and even Rapunzel was there!
It was truly a joyous occasion that even the rain couldn't dampen!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Still true!

Use three Physicians:
First Dr. Quiet
Next Dr. Merry-man
And Dr. Dyet.*

Regimen Sanitatis Salemitanum, 1607

*diet in today's spelling

Monday, March 21, 2011

The "Season"

The beauty of new life's emerging everywhere! T'is the "season". This plant, "Bridal Veil" with its delicate white blossoms is one of my favorites. I love to watch it emerge...emerge into new life! During the winter months it seems quite dead but when Spring's upon us...newness of life!
We go through seasons ourselves. Some seasons find us alive...embracing life to the fullest!
Other seasons find us pulling away to "hibernate", to rest, to "revamp". In another season we may feel "quite dead". All the seasons are necessary. The seasons come and go...come and go...
It's in the "dead season" that we need to reach out to life...His life. Jesus said that He is the Way,
the Truth and the Life. I've discovered that with Him the "dead season" isn't being dead at all but becomes a time to empty myself more of "me" and embrace the life that only He can give.
As I grow "more mature"... :) I find that in Him is where The Life is! Sometimes it's quite the party! Other times it's mellow, itself.
The Season coming upon us...Easter, is all the seasons wrapped into one for me. There is death...
His death...for you, for me, for all mankind. BUT then there is LIFE! His life...for you, for me, for all mankind. There is a "catch" to this newness of life, though. You have to believe and you have to receive. It's His life in us! We are literally alive with His life! And that makes all the difference
in truly living life to the fullest!
It's a "Wonderful" Life indeed! Embrace it! Embrace Him!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Desk

For quite sometime I had wanted a "Lady's desk". I saw several over the years in various antique shops but at those times I wasn't in the "market" for one. I'm very glad that was the case.
For now I have one; have actually had it for a few years. It belonged in my grandparents' family...Nannan and Daddy Paul. It was handmade by someone in their family and for as long as I can remember it graced their home. Later it came to my Mother and she had it in her bedroom for many years.
A few years ago she asked me if I would like to have it! (In all honesty I do believe I had hinted around a time or two!)
She no longer had room for it and I was ecstatic!
It has found its home in the cozy niche in our bedroom; the perfect spot for it.
I love sitting there, writing letters to my cousin Michele in Ohio, writing in my journal and studying there.
The niche has a window and I so enjoy looking out as I sit there, pen in hand!

And, speaking of pens, my "pen in hand" is a lovely blue Waterman. It's my favorite pen ever! And I just discovered that Jan Karon's Father Tim took his Waterman pen on his and Cynthia's trip to Ireland! (This bit of information for all you Mitford/Father Tim series readers!)
I've always loved those Mitford inhabitants!

Well, back to my desk to finish writing in my journal and to pen a note to my cousin. It's the perfect afternoon for it!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Next week...


I am so loving driving around seeing the gorgeous flower beds coming to colorful life and all the budding trees!
Makes one feel so new!
Newness of life! Thank You Jesus! With Him it's an everlasting Springtime!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

There's just something about....

your adult children telling you that they love you.
Most days I speak with our girls and always our conversations end with "I Love You".
Even though I don't speak with our son as often, I hear those special words at the end of
our phone conversations too.
It always makes my heart glad and some days it brings tears to my eyes.
It takes me back to their "growing up" days. I SO enjoyed our children and I was the mom who never wanted vacations to end. I was never ready for them to go back to school.
And yes, I told them that I loved them... daily, maybe even several times a day.
We always had a special bond and I'm so thankful that we still do!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Afternoon Repose

There's nothing like a rainy day for a good book, a comfy chair and a soft, fuzzy blanket...ummm.
That's how I spent yesterday. I even succombed to a refreshing nap!
As I awoke, the sun began to peek through the grayish clouds and bright yellow rays painted designs on the back of my sofa. I remained and closed my eyes to let the sunshine bathe my face.
Warming me, I just smiled and enjoyed it for quite some time and then realized I needed to get ready for a bridal shower.
Had just enough time for a lavendar soak in the tub accompanied by beautiful classical music
before I needed to leave.
What a wonderful afternoon! Everyone needs an afternoon like this every once in a while!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Well March seems to be living up to her reputation! We've had several days of wind. In fact one of our trees on our porch has spent more time on its side leaning into the fern rather than upright as it should.
March also brings many family birthdays...our Anna, my Nannan, our Emma and my Mom, a nephew Blake, a niece Allison and Anna and Dan's anniversary, which is today! Happy 10th!
Thinking of our nephew, Blake, always reminds me of our first real encounter. He was a newborn just home from the hospital...the first grandchild for my parents! How I loved being around him!
I went to change his diaper with the help of his Father and I knew I needed to also clean his cute little belly button. I was attempting to get some alcohol on a Q-tip by tipping the bottle toward me and I found myself a bit wet. I thought I had spilled the alcohol on myself and my brother-in-law was laughing and then I realized my precious little nephew had "christened" me!
Needless to say, I learned a very important lesson about baby boys that day!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Painting

This is a painting of an old farm house in Unionville which was painted by a very dear friend.
I have several of her paintings and I treasure each one of them! In fact there were a few more that had I had the "funds" I would have grabbed last night.

Mike and I love paintings/pictures of old, rustic, the kind that exude great character and we have quite a few numbered signed prints that we've collected over the years.
Most of them adorn our den, the place where we "live" and one does hang above our country oak sleigh bed.

Our new piece now has a place of honor over our sofa in the den. I had grown quite tired of the dark country red curtains, the dark red accent pillows and decided to pull out the blue that was in our pillows that had come with our furniture some years ago. Found the coolest blue curtains and pillows at Target for a very good price and was going to bring in a few other accent pieces as I came across them! Just "Springing" up the homeplace!

Last night we had dinner with our friends and I noticed some new paintings around. I so enjoyed "touring" and ooing and ahhing over each piece and then I came across the house! I fell in love with it immediately! I asked her if she was selling it and she said she was. I showed it to Mike
who said "you want it for your birthday?"
Yes!!! Of course! (You remember me, the one who has countless Christmases each year and birthdays too!)
Praise God I was able to pull out a check and write it. She, at first, didn't think I was serious.
She did say that when she had painted it she thought of me. (Don't you love it when your friends know you SO well!)
I practically drooled over it the rest of the evening and after trying to find the perfect spot, it came to "rest" late this afternoon.
Now as I enter the den, I just glow and smile at my new treasure.
I'll get pictures later of our den's new look but for now, here's a glimpse of the picture I will cherish always!
Oh and by the way, my "picture" doesn't do it justice!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

"Through our God"

Came across this the other day...

"God will bring you through, not somehow,
but triumphantly!"

Dean Kerns

"Through our God, we shall do valiantly..." Psalm 60:12

Friday, March 4, 2011


in my pants, literally!!!

What a day I had this week! Actually it WAS a really good day with the exception of getting into a fire ant habitation.
The day began well. I was filling in for my Pastor's wife Bible study teaching and I was all prayed up and had studied carefully; I was totally prepared, with the help of the Holy Spirit!
I opened up the building and never thought to really look where I was standing. I made coffee, set up my "stuff" and then the ladies began coming in. This was the first time I've ever filled in for her and I was quite focused.
Opened in prayer and began. While I was teaching and asking questions I began to feel these "stings" and bites"...on my legs, my back. Thoughts going through my head were "what's that?"
I never verbalized any of it and only "scratched" when I had to.
We finished and cleaned up; put my ladies in my Xb and took them home. By the time I got home I couldn't wait to get out of those clothes. I turned my jeans inside out and yes! You guessed ants...on my pants! I KILLED those little buggers and proceeded to itch the rest of the day! Soaked in Lavendar oil later on and emerged with bites appearing!
No more itching but I've got some nasty looking bites!

Was sharing all this with Mike and he said that the incident had developed character in me!
You know, he WOULD say something like that!
Well, actually... I do believe it did!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Anna!

Happy 27th, sweet Anna, our youngest...wife of Dan, mother of Emma, Kylie, Duncan and Kellan... "Chia" to Christian, Makenna, Elliott and Camden... sister of April and Bill!
We love you!
Daddy and Mom

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oh Yeah...

My baby girl is a Great Dane, weighing in about 140 lbs!
She thinks she's a lap dog but I don't give her too many opportunities to "sit"
in my lap!
I also call her "the prancing pony"; it suits her quite well. When she runs, the pounding of her giant feet sound a bit like thunder!
And you should see her play soccer! The only thing, though, after running and kicking the ball,
she resorts to grabbing it in her mouth and runs off. Don't believe that's legal in a real game! :)