Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Desk

For quite sometime I had wanted a "Lady's desk". I saw several over the years in various antique shops but at those times I wasn't in the "market" for one. I'm very glad that was the case.
For now I have one; have actually had it for a few years. It belonged in my grandparents' family...Nannan and Daddy Paul. It was handmade by someone in their family and for as long as I can remember it graced their home. Later it came to my Mother and she had it in her bedroom for many years.
A few years ago she asked me if I would like to have it! (In all honesty I do believe I had hinted around a time or two!)
She no longer had room for it and I was ecstatic!
It has found its home in the cozy niche in our bedroom; the perfect spot for it.
I love sitting there, writing letters to my cousin Michele in Ohio, writing in my journal and studying there.
The niche has a window and I so enjoy looking out as I sit there, pen in hand!

And, speaking of pens, my "pen in hand" is a lovely blue Waterman. It's my favorite pen ever! And I just discovered that Jan Karon's Father Tim took his Waterman pen on his and Cynthia's trip to Ireland! (This bit of information for all you Mitford/Father Tim series readers!)
I've always loved those Mitford inhabitants!

Well, back to my desk to finish writing in my journal and to pen a note to my cousin. It's the perfect afternoon for it!

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