Monday, February 28, 2011

My "Baby" Girl!

"Ain't she sweet?"
Such an adorable face and she has the personality to go with it!

Here she is, Miss Darcy at 8 years sweet, loving baby girl!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Early Morning Revelry

The roar of the wind sweeping through the stately, leafless trees...
The rain streaming through the metal gutters...
And a hint of birdsong intertwining...joining this early morning revelry.

There I sat, wrapped in my woolen shawl, sipping hot coffee and delighting
in nature's symphony, while conversing with her marvelous Creator.
What a glorious morning indeed!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Philosophy from a Welcome Mat!

This weekend we were back and forth taking care of our son and his wife's home and the "furry grands".
Every time we entered, we stepped on the mat at the door. At first I didn't pay any attention to it but then I glanced down to actually read it..."Live simply". That's all it said.
It sort of grabbed me but in a very subtle manner...kind of the way one would cook a frog!
You know, in room temperature water and then slowly turn up the heat. The poor frog never knows what's happening!
Well this phrase keeps coming up to me, stronger and stronger... as an important message that needs my immediate and careful attention.
I recognize the voice...I know His voice and He wants me to simplify my lifestyle, our home, etc.
He speaks so clearly and gently reminds me that He is quite serious about this "important message".
He's speaking. I'm listening and obeying. He's leading one step at a time.

"Live Simply".


Sunday, February 20, 2011

From Birthdays to furry "grand-dogs"

Saturday we celebrated Mike's parents' birthdays with the family. Mike's sisters and their husbands and two of our nephews were here as well as our kids and Grands, minus our son and his wife who were out of town celebrating her great-aunt's 100th! Mike's dad turns 84 this week and his mom, 79 next Monday. Our friend Maggie made our cake and colorful!
We had a great party and as usual, never a dull moment!
Turned out to be a very active weekend with all the festivities! Lots of running around!
Here I am with two of our "grand-dogs"! We watched them over the weekend at our son and daughter-in-law's home. Meet Lacey, on the left and Shinca, on the right! Sweet girls!
And very obedient! :)
And all just a prelude of the action-packed week ahead!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Where I've been "journeying"

This is where my sabbatical has led me this week. Yes, I've been out on the much as I can posssibly be.
It has been wonderful to "unplug" and just sit and study, read, listen to music and birdsong and think on the things of the Lord. Selah!
How grateful we are to have this incredible haven.
If you're nearby, call and come sit "a spell" with us and just bask in the soothing peace that permeates this bit of Heaven on earth!
You probably won't want to leave! I never want to come inside myself!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm going on a...

sabbatical. Pulling away from a few things to regroup, making sure I'm choosing to do the best over "just the good".
Want to be a better steward of my time, my gifts and my talents.
Thinking on what's truly important and what is not.... what is life-enhancing rather than life-draining....
something to ponder....

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Poem?

When I think of POETRY, words that come to mind are "beautiful", "heartfelt", "pictures painted with words", "soul-bearing", "a work of art", etc.

One of the scriptures shared today in our Ladies Bible Study was Ephesians 2:10.
"For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works,..."
The word "workmanship" is the Greek word, "poiema". Sounds like "poem" doesn't it?
God is the Poet and we are His poems! His work of art. A beautiful creation! That's what we are;
that's how He sees us!

What a lovely thought!

Monday, February 14, 2011


I've always liked Valentine's Day! From the black Valentine skirt with it's red and white hearts I wore in 2nd grade to the hanging of little shiny hearts on the stick tree I decorate
for every season today. I use to do a bit more decorating but now just a little.
Of course we get Valentines and candy for the Grands and our church gives the Treasures Valentine goodies and sometimes we give each other a little something. This year it was blueray movies, cards and then Mike gave me the cutest ultra-soft brown bear wearing a heart sweater.

Our oldest was married on Valentine's Day and today they're celebrating 13 years!
Happy Anniversary April and Lee!
It's a great time to let friends and family know just how much you love them!
Also a special time to reflect on the precious Valentine God gave us many years ago; His dear Son Who showed us just what great, unconditional love is!

So to all you out there, my friends and family...Happy Valentine's Day! I love you and count you all as special gifts from God to me!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Our Saturday Ritual

This is where Mike and I go every Saturday when we can! It's the Main Street Grill in Waxhaw!
Our dear friends own it. Matter of fact they purchased it the end of December and reopened it in January. Their son is the cook and his wife helps with the food prep and our friends do a bit of everything else from taking the orders, making the coffee and good "ole" sweet tea, cleaning, and a bit of food prep too when needed, and welcoming all the clientele.
It's a "happening" place every day! They open at 7 on weekdays and 8 on Saturdays and serve breakfast and lunch Mon.-Sat. Josh makes delicious soups of the day...all from scratch plus other delicious dishes...all V-E-R-Y yummy!
Mike and I are enjoying the breakfast fare for now and you'll see us there around 8 or so unless friends/family like the 9ish hour better.
If you're local, head on over there for some really good cooking! Tell them that Mike and Debbie sent you!
See you there!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A lovely afternoon

I took Makenna to ballet this afternoon and then visited my favorite coffeehouse, Alice Jules!
It's in an old, rather quaint former home and the ambience, well, it's practically perfect!
April and I try to go there once a month on ballet days but she couldn't go today so I went alone.
I ordered my white chocolate raspberry latte...ummmm...and headed out to the front porch. There I sat, sipping the delicious hot brew while I read a great book, Dandelion Dust by Karen Kingsbury. I decided to take a break from the book and called my cousin, Michele, in Ohio.
I hadn't spoken with her in a few months and our conversation just added to the "loveliness" of the afternoon.
Then I continued the book which was becoming harder to put down, until my hands were quite frozen from the chilly afternoon.
Strolling through the coffeehouse, I ordered Makenna's Mango Smoothie and headed back to ballet where upon I found a nice parking place in the sunshine and continued to read.
The icing on the cake was our wonderful granddaughter/Granggie conversation all the way back to her house! The time I spent with her was simply priceless!
What an absolute blessing from God!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dusk... I love this time of day. Always there seems to be a sense of holiness...even with the exhaust fan whirring while food is cooking on the stove. Even those sounds cannot invade the holiness. The gray/blue sky with ribbons of fluffy white seem to set the tone.
Reflections of the setting sun illuminate the pervading ribbons of cloud that appear to glow while the barreness of the woods paints a stark winter picture. Am I longing for Spring? Not quite.
There's something about observing this winter remnant from inside a warm, cozy home, while sipping Earl Gray tea from a delicate china tea cup.
Such peace...comfort...something like a "warm fuzzy"...
And I sense His presence, His gathering me to Himself and I rest my head against His vast chest and there everything is good.
Psalm 91 calls that the "secret place", a place of security, peace and a feeling of such indescribable love washes over me. There's nothing better.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Excellent Book!!!

Mike and I are reading Rick Renner's book, A Light in Darkness. It's one of three volumes and is the only one in print at the moment.
A huge book, it's full of wonderful historical facts concerning the early church, the disciples, the Roman Emperors, Patmos, etc. . It will primarily cover the seven churches in the Book of Revelation but he has done such extensive research giving us such a wealth of history during this time frame.
It's a wonderful history book! Also one you can't read too quickly, there's just too much delicious information to digest at one time.
So we are reading it like you would "eat an elephant" "bite" at a time!
We highly recommend it!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Smart phone update"

Okay, I'm a bit more savvy...mind you just a bit more but I am really liking this phone!
The graphics are the coolest! Turned it on yesterday morning and it came on with a windshield wiper blade sweeping across the screen with raindrops falling, telling me there were showers
in Monroe! How cool is that!
Then when I checked it later on there were clouds drifting by telling me it was cloudy in Marvin.
It gives me the surrounding areas' weather and my own!
And my major learning experience....I checked and deleted my e-mail from my phone!
This may not be much to you REALLY electronic people but it was a huge thing for me!