Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Dusk...how I love this time of day. Always there seems to be a sense of holiness...even with the exhaust fan whirring while food is cooking on the stove. Even those sounds cannot invade the holiness. The gray/blue sky with ribbons of fluffy white seem to set the tone.
Reflections of the setting sun illuminate the pervading ribbons of cloud that appear to glow while the barreness of the woods paints a stark winter picture. Am I longing for Spring? Not quite.
There's something about observing this winter remnant from inside a warm, cozy home, while sipping Earl Gray tea from a delicate china tea cup.
Such peace...comfort...something like a "warm fuzzy"...
And I sense His presence, His gathering me to Himself and I rest my head against His vast chest and there everything is good.
Psalm 91 calls that the "secret place", a place of security, peace and a feeling of such indescribable love washes over me. There's nothing better.

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