Monday, February 21, 2011

Philosophy from a Welcome Mat!

This weekend we were back and forth taking care of our son and his wife's home and the "furry grands".
Every time we entered, we stepped on the mat at the door. At first I didn't pay any attention to it but then I glanced down to actually read it..."Live simply". That's all it said.
It sort of grabbed me but in a very subtle manner...kind of the way one would cook a frog!
You know, in room temperature water and then slowly turn up the heat. The poor frog never knows what's happening!
Well this phrase keeps coming up to me, stronger and stronger... as an important message that needs my immediate and careful attention.
I recognize the voice...I know His voice and He wants me to simplify my lifestyle, our home, etc.
He speaks so clearly and gently reminds me that He is quite serious about this "important message".
He's speaking. I'm listening and obeying. He's leading one step at a time.

"Live Simply".


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