Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Flexibility- the "art" of being definition!

Being flexible is an art. It takes skill and practice...much practice but I do believe it's a good thing for the most part.

Yesterday tested my flexibility a bit and it was good!

After visiting my treasures, I went to get Elliott to take him to his soccer clinic and ended up with two extra boys.(NOT PLANNED!) We watched Elliott show his kicking skills and then headed home.
One of the guys hadn't eaten either so I fixed us lunch. Leggos came out to form a pirate ship, felt turned into a monster bat...actually a rather cute little guy and then we tested our number skills on Papa's huge calculator. Off to get Elliott and back to Granggie's(also not planned...usually take him straight home) where Leggos became a more complicated pirate ship and a space ship...I think that's what it was.

Then the play guns came out after a brief visit to the attic, snacks, porch time, computer time and then home around 5:30PM.

Next leg of the journey-not planned either, April's and my trek to the Mall. I was already feeling a bit tired but
the cooling of the evening perked me up!
She got what she needed and then we "smelled" our way through Bath and Body works...
Leaves...a new the oil and wow!!!! I'm hooked! and through Yankee Candle.
All scents of Autumn.....yum!...heavenly!

After all that we realized that we hadn't eaten and headed to McD's and the dollar menu.
Sat and ate in the car with the window down, loving the cool night air.

Back to her house and then home for me and bed!

And it was a very nice Autumn day! (and most of it was "not planned"!)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Early Morning Delight!

Got up early and couldn't wait to "check" the temperature!

Chilly...49 degrees! Yippee!

Made the coffee, donned my winter robe, grabbed my glasses and Bible and headed for the porch!

Wow! I could see my breath!

There I sat, all cozy under a blanket, enjoying the freshness of the new autumn morn!

Just doesn't get much better than that!

What a way to begin the day...the Lord, me and His creation! SELAH!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Cooler nights and early mornings!

Just walked outside with Darcy and was excited about the coolness of the evening!

Autumn...lovely, magical, crisp, majestic richness!
I'm savoring every little bit!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's A Blood thing!

Autumn "runs" in our family! It's in our blood.

George Eliot said this, "Delicious Autumn! My very soul is wedded to it..."

I know how he feels.

Today after returning our "grand" Elliott from soccer clinic, our "grand" Camden met me
at the car door and was pulling on me before I could even get out of the car.

The reason....he had to show me the Fall leaves...special Fall leaves. Makenna and Elliott joined us (Napoleon the cat too) as we walked across the field where the abandoned house sits, across another plot of land, down into the woods toward the pond.
As we drew near the pond we discovered some gorgeous fall leaves...brilliant reds,
yellows, spotted ones, some that seemed to have been tie-dyed and then there they were...
two special maples, right on the edge of the pond!
They really were breath-taking, each leaf beautifully colored, as if handpainted by God Himself...selah.....

We stopped to pick a few and gather from the ground and then we continued on our journey through the woods, now, joined by Christian. We picked up more leaves as we headed back to their house where we laid them out on the table to admire them.

It thrills me to see them love the Autumn as much as I... to get so much pleasure from this precious, glorious season!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Thoughts of Autumn

Each day brings a bit more color, more falling leaves.

How I love driving about, taking in the colorful changes!

I leave you with this lovely thought...

"Winter is an etching,
spring a watercolor,
summer an oil painting
and autumn a mosaic of them all."

Stanley Horowitz

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Husband - the Good Sport!

Okay....Mike wasn't thrilled that I let Darcy sleep with me BUT
He has been a great sport about letting her be with us in the house more!

He has allowed her to "watch" television in the den with us and even let her lie in bed with us a while last night. (She had to SLEEP in her little room at the side porch! )

My sisters and their husbands came this afternoon to visit, eat and plan our parent's 60th
celebration and Darcy was outside or in "her" room but after they left she joined us
and now she's back in the Grands' cubby while I'm on the computer.

I must say Mike has been great about the whole thing! And bless his heart- he has put up with all my animals and the kid's animals for 35, birds, BG the Mexican Redheaded parrot who made our home sound like a jungle EVERY morning , Warren the Star Wars whistling cockatiel, a dove, a love bird, Joey and Beau, the Beagle/Bassett who wet on him the very first time he saw Mike and then on the day Beau died, 6 other dogs, cats too many to count, aquatic frogs who loved to escape their aquarium,
guinea pigs, rabbits, hermit crabs, whew! I think that's all.....

I do believe there will be a few extra stars in his crown for tolerating our pets and allowing us to enjoy them!

To "borrow" the words of our son-in-laws...."Mike, you rock! and Mike , you're the Bomb!"

Friday, September 18, 2009

True Confessions!

Okay, okay Mike...guess I wasn't REALLY kidding!

Darcy had been soooo good and I was reminded of Stanley...Steamin Stanley Roundbottom the
the Third...

Stanley was my English Sheepdog during the days of Rod McKuen's poetry(he had sheepdogs)
and the early years of our marriage.
Mike had to go out of town for a week and Stanley slept with our full size bed of which he
had the most space.

Well all this came to my mind last "wonderful sneaky mind" according to Kylie!

So I thought I would give Darcy a try! No she didn't sleep on your side, Mike, but right smack up against me! Actually she chose a very protective stance and it was so sweet and we both slept quite well!

She stays right with me and is obeying me so well. Right now she's asleep in the Grand's
cubby in the attic room where I'm busy blogging!

I leave you with this thought, all you dog lovers...

"Dogs are our link to paradise. They don't know evil or jealousy or discontent.
To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden,
where doing nothing was not boring-it was peace."
Milan Kundera

Well, I don't know if that's true of all dogs but Miss Darcy was a bit jealous when we showed Katie affection sometimes...
but all in all she's a wonderfully sweet companion!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Miss Darcy

Miss Darcy is my 130-140 lb Great Dane! She's nearly 7 years old...not especially brilliant but terribly sweet with a ferocious deep bark when she's inclined!

Her tail could clear off a table or beat someone. And she's true to her breed...she's a leaner.

She's rather spoiled... has been most of her life. Our son gave her to me as a gift.
She was a beautiful puppy with very large feet, black and white with an "ermine" collar.

She loves to be loved and just wants to be with you.
She really loves all the "Grands" and is terrific with them, a real Gentle Giant.

Tonight I decided to bathe her in Mike's shower that I had just cleaned. She was a trooper and now has a shiny black coat and and is most pleasant to be around.

She now has become my mostly house dog, especially at night and when it looks like rain.

I feel like I'm in that old movie, Little Lord Fauntleroy (sp?), where the Grandfather's Great Dane becomes his good friend!

We've had a lovely evening! Wonder if Mike would mind if she slept on his side of the bed?????
Just kidding Mike!

Something Special

My cousin, Michele, and I share something special.... we write letters, REAL letters!

We use real, put stamps on them and actually mail them to each other!

We look forward to receiving letters and notes from each other. It's like receiving a gift.

Maybe it's because she's a writer, a published author- 5 or 6 books I think and also she doesn't care for computers. We did try the "e-mail" approach a few years back but she didn't like it.
And I'm really glad she didn't!

We use special stationery...a taste of Jane Austen's time, or the Victorian era or whatever else
we deem pretty or feminine.

My cousin no longer writes books. She has had some medical problems and even writing letters
can be a bit difficult for her...which makes her letters to me VERY special.

We've always shared a love of family even though we didn't see each other growing up but maybe once or twice a year. Through our letters our love for each other as cousins has deepened and has become...something special...a treasured friendship.

And she is actually going to spend some time with us in November! We will talk into the wee hours of the morning and just enjoy being together!

PS...I do use e-mail to stay in touch with some people who are very special to me...who I rarely see but who are dear to me...Debbie, Brenda, Winslow, Mary, friends of 35 years
and my sister-in-law, Cheryl, in Florida.
So you see, I DO like e-mail too!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A wonderful sneaky mind?????

After visiting some of my Treasures, I headed over to Anna's to baby sit.

Three were finishing lunch and Kellan was on his way to bed.

Anna soon departed to be pampered a bit and I engaged in interesting conversations and Thomas the Train...and Thomas the Train...and Thomas the Train!
Then it was Thomas the Train counting games and color games and matching games...he is rather cute but when he talks, his lips don't move...matter of fact no one's lips move...ummm...

I finally caught Duncan to put him down for a nap. He is too funny for words and that doesn't really help when you're trying to be "Granggie-the Serious". After countless "sweet dreams" and much laughter I returned to the girls.

We then graduated to High Ho Cherry-O and Kylie proceeded to tell me that I had a "wonderful sneaky mind" to which I replied that she and Emma had "scathingly brilliant ideas" and she said
Kylie learned that line from Ricky Ricardo and mine was from Hayley Mills!
(Guess you can see what we raised our kids on... and are passing it down to the Grands!)

On My Way!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

I made it through yesterday's goals and challenges!

This morning began quite early but was definitely orchestrated by the Spirit of God!

I was led to delicious "food" for thought by two of my very favorite Bible teachers,
both of whom I had no idea were on that early and one who has gone on to be with the Lord but was so special to Mike and I growing in the Lord. And wouldn't you know, the messages they shared were just what I needed to hear! "Ain't" God good!!!

AND....I've already exercised for 30 minutes!!!! Oh my gosh!!!! I can hardly believe it!
I actually did it!!!!

I am finally learning that I can't put that off for when I rarely happens....could it be that I'm "growing up"?????

Well here I go.....boldly, happily into today's adventures!

Monday, September 14, 2009


Change- "to become different; alter; to undergo alteration; ..."

I try to examine my life on a fairly regular basis. Sometimes I like some of what I "see" and
sometimes I "see" some things I do not like.

It really comes down to choices...choices I have made...

Some are physical, some are spiritual, some are emotional, material, etc....

For example,
I need to take off some extra weight...for the health of my body.
I need to work on my "love walk" as I was convicted of that yesterday by our Pastor's message.
I need to become more organized, more thrifty, a better steward of time, finances...

I could go on a bit more but here is where I will stop and here is where I will begin.

I have been spending a great deal of time with the Father this morning ...sharing my heart...being so "real"...
so honest before Him.

The things in me that need changing, He and I will work on it together.
He did tell me that it will take discipline and self-control.
I am determined to do my part!

This will be a lifestyle change...a change that will be on -going for the rest of my life but one that I will work on one day at a time.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

"A Thoroughly Terrific & Tiring Thursday!"

Today was a "Grand" day! All the Grands!
Anna came by and picked me up to shop at Target in the late morning.
I couldn't even count how many times my name was said and I loved it!

After a fun shopping trip we headed back to our house for lunch...natural hotdogs, chips, and fruit.

Then came the second "wave" of Grands around 1:40pm and then we all proceeded to do
Fall crafts, make books and write stories! It was rather wild but so entertaining!
Paper, stickers, markers, pencils were everywhere! Wish you could have read some of these stories!

Anna left with her crew and the others remained. We played games, learned tricks, ate MnMs,
made more books, played outside...whew!

April and Lee came just as I was beginning to fade....and they invited me to go to dinner with them at our very favorite Mexican restaurant-Mexicali Rose but I told them that it had been a very long day and would just stay home!

I have a good book all lined up and am heading to the porch!

It was a wonderful "Grand" day! Now I'm looking forward to a quiet, relaxing evening...ahhhhh


Found this quote the other day and I love it!

"Autumn is a second Spring when every leaf is a flower."
Albert Camus

I read about a woman who pulls up a chair under her English walnut trees,
to be "rained" upon by the golden leaves!

I love driving through a "shower" of swirling leaves! It always makes me laugh!

When we had a sun roof in our car, I especially enjoyed having it opened to catch the leaves
and the grands enjoyed it too!

Just simple pleasures bring such joy and refreshing to my soul...selah....

Thank you Father God for giving us seasons to enjoy!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


That's where I a state of pensiveness......................

pensive-"thinking deeply or seriously, expressing deep thoughtfulness, reflective"

Several thoughts are whirling through my head, no- "whirling" is not the's more like drifting...that's it...
I'm not anxious yet there is a bit of heaviness and these thoughts are not for me but for others. There's a bit of sadness that I share with a beautiful friend whose husband no longer wants to be married...she's heartbroken...
there are others who question the faithfulness of God...even some who have rejected Him.
My heart is burdened but I will pray.

James 5:16 says the prayers of the righteous avail much...accomplish much!
My prayers avail much! Am I being, just confident...
simply because I know that Christ alone is my righteousness...He alone MAKES me righteous.
Therefore my prayers avail much.

My hope--confident expectation, is in my Father God Who has never let me down, has never failed me even though I've failed Him too many times. He just picks me up and sets me on His path...and lovingly holds my hand and guides me on this journey of living.
He even carries ALL my burdens. I just have to follow.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Coming of Fall

I do believe the autumn is my favorite season!

I begin to get excited at the first colors of the season...the first yellow/gold leaf that dances down to our yard...the sounds of the insects as they announce the changing of the seasons...
the wonderful change in temperatures...the days beginning to be shorter...the way the air takes on a new fragrance....

opened windows...early morning coffee while "robed" in sweaters and blankets...chilly evenings...
the sounds drifting over from the high school football games a few streets over...
the aroma of baking "Nuts n Bolts"- homemade Chex mix for those of you not raised in the South...a fire in the fireplace...pumpkins and garlands of colored apple cider and Russian tea...the scent of sweet cinnamon pumpkin wafting throughout our home...ummmmm...

all I can do is just smile and enjoy!

As a little girl, my mother making Nuts n Bolts was one of the ways we celebrated the coming of the Autumn. It's tradition! I did the same when our children lived at home and now the girls
celebrate Autumn with their families by making this delicious treat!
AND...I just took Autumn's first batch out of the oven...the house smells wonderful!

(okay, I know Autumn doesn't really get here until the 22nd but I've NEVER been one to be able to wait until then!)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Porch day....not really!

Yesterday was to be my porch day...well it was my porch morning mostly.

There was the dishwasher that needed to be unloaded which led to cleaning out a
cabinet so I could make room for my china...which led to de-cluttering the countertops...
which led to totally reorganizing the pantry...which led to rearranging the kitchen a bit...

which took hours and I still have a few things on the table, trying to decide where to put them!

After that ordeal I became a "couch potato" the rest of the evening.

Now I'm up and ready for the day! Oh, what's that?
I think I "hear" the laundry room crying that it's her turn!
Well, she will just have to wait until after lunch for the morning is already full!