Thursday, September 17, 2009

Something Special

My cousin, Michele, and I share something special.... we write letters, REAL letters!

We use real, put stamps on them and actually mail them to each other!

We look forward to receiving letters and notes from each other. It's like receiving a gift.

Maybe it's because she's a writer, a published author- 5 or 6 books I think and also she doesn't care for computers. We did try the "e-mail" approach a few years back but she didn't like it.
And I'm really glad she didn't!

We use special stationery...a taste of Jane Austen's time, or the Victorian era or whatever else
we deem pretty or feminine.

My cousin no longer writes books. She has had some medical problems and even writing letters
can be a bit difficult for her...which makes her letters to me VERY special.

We've always shared a love of family even though we didn't see each other growing up but maybe once or twice a year. Through our letters our love for each other as cousins has deepened and has become...something special...a treasured friendship.

And she is actually going to spend some time with us in November! We will talk into the wee hours of the morning and just enjoy being together!

PS...I do use e-mail to stay in touch with some people who are very special to me...who I rarely see but who are dear to me...Debbie, Brenda, Winslow, Mary, friends of 35 years
and my sister-in-law, Cheryl, in Florida.
So you see, I DO like e-mail too!

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