Thursday, September 10, 2009

"A Thoroughly Terrific & Tiring Thursday!"

Today was a "Grand" day! All the Grands!
Anna came by and picked me up to shop at Target in the late morning.
I couldn't even count how many times my name was said and I loved it!

After a fun shopping trip we headed back to our house for lunch...natural hotdogs, chips, and fruit.

Then came the second "wave" of Grands around 1:40pm and then we all proceeded to do
Fall crafts, make books and write stories! It was rather wild but so entertaining!
Paper, stickers, markers, pencils were everywhere! Wish you could have read some of these stories!

Anna left with her crew and the others remained. We played games, learned tricks, ate MnMs,
made more books, played outside...whew!

April and Lee came just as I was beginning to fade....and they invited me to go to dinner with them at our very favorite Mexican restaurant-Mexicali Rose but I told them that it had been a very long day and would just stay home!

I have a good book all lined up and am heading to the porch!

It was a wonderful "Grand" day! Now I'm looking forward to a quiet, relaxing evening...ahhhhh

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