Thursday, September 17, 2009

Miss Darcy

Miss Darcy is my 130-140 lb Great Dane! She's nearly 7 years old...not especially brilliant but terribly sweet with a ferocious deep bark when she's inclined!

Her tail could clear off a table or beat someone. And she's true to her breed...she's a leaner.

She's rather spoiled... has been most of her life. Our son gave her to me as a gift.
She was a beautiful puppy with very large feet, black and white with an "ermine" collar.

She loves to be loved and just wants to be with you.
She really loves all the "Grands" and is terrific with them, a real Gentle Giant.

Tonight I decided to bathe her in Mike's shower that I had just cleaned. She was a trooper and now has a shiny black coat and and is most pleasant to be around.

She now has become my mostly house dog, especially at night and when it looks like rain.

I feel like I'm in that old movie, Little Lord Fauntleroy (sp?), where the Grandfather's Great Dane becomes his good friend!

We've had a lovely evening! Wonder if Mike would mind if she slept on his side of the bed?????
Just kidding Mike!

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Mike said...

Don't even think about it