Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Flexibility- the "art" of being definition!

Being flexible is an art. It takes skill and practice...much practice but I do believe it's a good thing for the most part.

Yesterday tested my flexibility a bit and it was good!

After visiting my treasures, I went to get Elliott to take him to his soccer clinic and ended up with two extra boys.(NOT PLANNED!) We watched Elliott show his kicking skills and then headed home.
One of the guys hadn't eaten either so I fixed us lunch. Leggos came out to form a pirate ship, felt turned into a monster bat...actually a rather cute little guy and then we tested our number skills on Papa's huge calculator. Off to get Elliott and back to Granggie's(also not planned...usually take him straight home) where Leggos became a more complicated pirate ship and a space ship...I think that's what it was.

Then the play guns came out after a brief visit to the attic, snacks, porch time, computer time and then home around 5:30PM.

Next leg of the journey-not planned either, April's and my trek to the Mall. I was already feeling a bit tired but
the cooling of the evening perked me up!
She got what she needed and then we "smelled" our way through Bath and Body works...
Leaves...a new the oil and wow!!!! I'm hooked! and through Yankee Candle.
All scents of Autumn.....yum!...heavenly!

After all that we realized that we hadn't eaten and headed to McD's and the dollar menu.
Sat and ate in the car with the window down, loving the cool night air.

Back to her house and then home for me and bed!

And it was a very nice Autumn day! (and most of it was "not planned"!)

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