Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A wonderful sneaky mind?????

After visiting some of my Treasures, I headed over to Anna's to baby sit.

Three were finishing lunch and Kellan was on his way to bed.

Anna soon departed to be pampered a bit and I engaged in interesting conversations and Thomas the Train...and Thomas the Train...and Thomas the Train!
Then it was Thomas the Train counting games and color games and matching games...he is rather cute but when he talks, his lips don't move...matter of fact no one's lips move...ummm...

I finally caught Duncan to put him down for a nap. He is too funny for words and that doesn't really help when you're trying to be "Granggie-the Serious". After countless "sweet dreams" and much laughter I returned to the girls.

We then graduated to High Ho Cherry-O and Kylie proceeded to tell me that I had a "wonderful sneaky mind" to which I replied that she and Emma had "scathingly brilliant ideas" and she said
Kylie learned that line from Ricky Ricardo and mine was from Hayley Mills!
(Guess you can see what we raised our kids on... and are passing it down to the Grands!)

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