Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Husband - the Good Sport!

Okay....Mike wasn't thrilled that I let Darcy sleep with me BUT
He has been a great sport about letting her be with us in the house more!

He has allowed her to "watch" television in the den with us and even let her lie in bed with us a while last night. (She had to SLEEP in her little room at the side porch! )

My sisters and their husbands came this afternoon to visit, eat and plan our parent's 60th
celebration and Darcy was outside or in "her" room but after they left she joined us
and now she's back in the Grands' cubby while I'm on the computer.

I must say Mike has been great about the whole thing! And bless his heart- he has put up with all my animals and the kid's animals for 35, birds, BG the Mexican Redheaded parrot who made our home sound like a jungle EVERY morning , Warren the Star Wars whistling cockatiel, a dove, a love bird, Joey and Beau, the Beagle/Bassett who wet on him the very first time he saw Mike and then on the day Beau died, 6 other dogs, cats too many to count, aquatic frogs who loved to escape their aquarium,
guinea pigs, rabbits, hermit crabs, whew! I think that's all.....

I do believe there will be a few extra stars in his crown for tolerating our pets and allowing us to enjoy them!

To "borrow" the words of our son-in-laws...."Mike, you rock! and Mike , you're the Bomb!"

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