Friday, July 26, 2013

"Contemplating a big change"

Wow! So many thoughts buzzing around in my head- now and last night. So much buzzing that I couldn't sleep. I prayed, I thought, and prayed some more. Finally gave up looking at the clock and at some point I fell asleep. "Wake-up" time came way too early!

We've lived in our beautiful home for 24 years. It's a haven; a sanctuary. To us it just doesn't get much better than this. But now we are entertaining thoughts of downsizing, wanting to get out of debt, simplifying, etc. In so many ways it's kind of we venture out into a new neighborhood? Do we give up this "practically perfect" home (in our eyes)? How can I leave our amazing porch that I believed God for, for about 20 years? So many wonderful memories! Great neighbors!

Obviously we are seeking God in this! Not making a move without His guidance! For now we are waiting on Him and taking steps to beautify our home a bit. Moving forward until He tells us to stop!
Our times are in His hands-the best place to be.....

Thursday, July 11, 2013

This morning I drifted downstairs to the coffee maker. Chose my delicious breakfast blend and headed out to the screened porch. Even though it was after 7 am, cloudy darkness surrounded me and I turned on the lamps. Instant coziness! I positioned myself so I could enjoy God's beautiful lilies while I spoke with Him. I so love being in the palm of His mighty hand! That's what it feels like here at our home. If you could see us from an aerial view you would agree. We are surrounded by trees, small patches of woods...and it is definitely a sanctuary...a little bit of Heaven on earth.
I know how blessed we truly are and I do not take this for granted. I tell Father God all the time how grateful I am!
This week it's especially nice to be in His feel His bask in His love and heart-healing mercies. I think of Mike's mom, in Heaven with her parents, Papa and Mama Kenney, with her brothers, Jack, Buddy, Jimmy, and Ray. I think of Mike's dad throughout the day and evening and have to restrain myself from calling too often to check on him so I just pray, knowing that God has him in the palm of His hand as He has the rest of the family and that He indeed heals the brokenhearted!
After all the busyness, the emotional highs and lows, it has been so nice to rest in His amazing grace, to see myself crawl up in His massive lap, snuggling as He encloses me in His loving arms. Life is returning to normal...slowly.

Friday, July 5, 2013


A part of life is passing from this world into the next...Heaven to be specific. This week my husband's mother, Margaret, went on to be with the Lord. Things changed so quickly from that Friday afternoon when she told me she was feeling a bit better, so happy with the flowers we had brought her. By Sunday things were quite the opposite. We could hardly believe the transformation. Early Monday morning we met with one of her Drs. and when he told us that she had a few days, we were shocked.
God heard our every prayer and began to order the day. We had favor everywhere we turned and were able to move her to the Hospice unit quickly. She went from being fitful to being peaceful. Arrangements were made for family members to begin coming later; Mike's Dad went home to take care of a few things, her pastor came by, Mike and I ate our lunch watching her from the other room. I found a station that played beautiful, sweet music and it was playing softly in the background. One of her doctors came by, checked on her and walked over to us, telling us that she was leaving us quickly. As we were talking with her, I kept my eyes on Margaret and realized she was no longer breathing. Rather than a few days, we only had a few hours. Mike had to call his dad and his sisters and I called our children. The sadness began sweeping upon us but also the gratefulness to God that her passing was so very peaceful.
It has been a long week, a very long week. Her funeral is Sunday and we've been busy all week preparing...preparing for the coming in of family, preparing for her service, etc.
Our oldest daughter is sharing and I am singing...rather the Holy Spirit will sing through me. Today I'm a bit nervous but know that I can do all things through Christ.
We ran back and forth across town all week except for yesterday and we prepared for the family coming here for supper. It was a sweet visit and our furry little girl, Charlotte, doted on Mike's Dad. He loved it! This morning Mike went to meet with his Dad and sisters to review everything at the funeral home.
I chose to stay home. I need the time. I need the quiet. I need time with the Lord to steady myself and to prepare. I want to honor her with my song. I want to honor my Lord and I want those who do not know Him to be gripped by His Amazing Grace.
More family coming in tomorrow, a private viewing tomorrow, more sharing food lovingly prepared by friends and hopefully wonderful restful sleep.
Then Sunday...a celebration of her life...  "Blessed Assurance, Jesus is mine! Oh what a foretaste of glory Divine!