Friday, July 26, 2013

"Contemplating a big change"

Wow! So many thoughts buzzing around in my head- now and last night. So much buzzing that I couldn't sleep. I prayed, I thought, and prayed some more. Finally gave up looking at the clock and at some point I fell asleep. "Wake-up" time came way too early!

We've lived in our beautiful home for 24 years. It's a haven; a sanctuary. To us it just doesn't get much better than this. But now we are entertaining thoughts of downsizing, wanting to get out of debt, simplifying, etc. In so many ways it's kind of we venture out into a new neighborhood? Do we give up this "practically perfect" home (in our eyes)? How can I leave our amazing porch that I believed God for, for about 20 years? So many wonderful memories! Great neighbors!

Obviously we are seeking God in this! Not making a move without His guidance! For now we are waiting on Him and taking steps to beautify our home a bit. Moving forward until He tells us to stop!
Our times are in His hands-the best place to be.....


Cindy said...

Dear one, I know the Lord will lead you as you contemplate a major change such as this. Just the contemplation can seem overwhelming, but he is strong and faithful. You guys know how to wait on the Lord, so ... keep on listening. I will add my prayers. Much love!

Granggie said...

Thank you so much Cindy!

Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

TY for the visit to FHC, Granggie, and taking time to chat..

It's all about process - not destination - so relax in the process. It's where He wants you & walks with you... Shalom