Thursday, July 11, 2013

This morning I drifted downstairs to the coffee maker. Chose my delicious breakfast blend and headed out to the screened porch. Even though it was after 7 am, cloudy darkness surrounded me and I turned on the lamps. Instant coziness! I positioned myself so I could enjoy God's beautiful lilies while I spoke with Him. I so love being in the palm of His mighty hand! That's what it feels like here at our home. If you could see us from an aerial view you would agree. We are surrounded by trees, small patches of woods...and it is definitely a sanctuary...a little bit of Heaven on earth.
I know how blessed we truly are and I do not take this for granted. I tell Father God all the time how grateful I am!
This week it's especially nice to be in His feel His bask in His love and heart-healing mercies. I think of Mike's mom, in Heaven with her parents, Papa and Mama Kenney, with her brothers, Jack, Buddy, Jimmy, and Ray. I think of Mike's dad throughout the day and evening and have to restrain myself from calling too often to check on him so I just pray, knowing that God has him in the palm of His hand as He has the rest of the family and that He indeed heals the brokenhearted!
After all the busyness, the emotional highs and lows, it has been so nice to rest in His amazing grace, to see myself crawl up in His massive lap, snuggling as He encloses me in His loving arms. Life is returning to normal...slowly.

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Cindy said...

Those are beautiful word pictures of being in the palm of God's hand. I love how he comforts us and lets us know he's near - and we're near to him! I just scrolled down and read your more-recent posts. Thanks for sharing this on Facebook so I could catch up. Love you, dear one!