Sunday, May 30, 2010

"DISconnecting to REconnect"

Read that phrase in a devotional the other day. Kind of grabbed me!

I think we need to do that often...dis-connect. Pull away from our daily routines, our environments and "GO" somewhere else. Doesn't necessarily mean to another town, but in the wisdom of Joe Banks..."away from the things of man". I like to go to the porch or the outdoor swing or the beach or the mountains; my favorite places to disconnect.

It's been a weekend of disconnecting in some ways. We deviated from our normal routines and even our normal environment. It has been quite refreshing!

"Pulling back" gives a fresh perspective, clears your head and gives you the "oomph" to get back in the "game" with fresh gusto!

Jesus did that very well. He would pull away and find a quiet place to just be with His Father.
He came away with new strength and sharper vision. If He needed to do that, how much more do we!

"Away from the things of man" sounds so good at times! Helps us see what's really important.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

An ice cream cone evening.....

Lovely, lovely night! Perfect weather, bright moon-almost full.

There we sat on the bench eating our ice cream, fountain spraying behind us.
Ahhhhh...what an evening! We just sat and talked and enjoyed being together.

This was the ending of our evening that began with a visit to Home Depot and being the nice company that they are, we received compensation for having to call a plumber to hook up the ice maker because we were not told that they wouldn't hook up to copper tubing.

On to Best Buy who, bless that floor manager, exchanged our broken remote for one that actually works! Yippee!

It was an evening of favor and yummy ice cream!

Monday, May 24, 2010

"Smacks" of Truth

"We say we want a renewal of character in our day but we don't really know what we ask for.
To have a renewal of character is to have a renewal of a creedal order that constrains, limits, binds, obligates and compels. This price is too high for us to pay. We want character but without conviction; we want strong morality but without the emotional burden of guilt or shame;
we want virtue but without particular moral justifications that invariably offend; we want good without having to name evil; we want decency without the authority to insist upon it; we want moral community without any limitations to personal freedom.
In short, we want what we cannot possibly have on the terms we want it."

James Davison Hunter
The Death of Character: Moral Education in an Age Without Good or Evil

Sunday, May 23, 2010

a "message"

Was reading this afternoon in the Message Bible in Esther, the introduction.

Amazing how something was so true then and is now.

"It seems odd that the awareness of God, or even of the people of God, brings out the worst in some people. God, the source of all goodness and blessing and joy, at times becomes the occaison
for nearly unimaginable acts of cruelty, atrocity, and evil.
There is a long history of killing men and women simply because they are perceived as reminders or representatives of the living God, as if killing people who worship God gets rid of God Himself."

"There is hardly a culture or century that doesn't eventually find a Haman determined to rid the world of evidence and reminders of God."

How incredibly sad but true. Unfortunately we have many "Hamans" working overtime in our century, in our our nation...especially within our governments.

I never thought that I would see this "where I live".

But our God will never be shaken!

Friday, May 21, 2010


Ice! We have ice!

Yesterday I had to run up the street to Chick-Fil-A to get a cold Arnold Palmer!
That's half tea and half lemonade! One of my favorite's.

Sure tasted good!

Have already thrown away the "bad ice" so now all the other ice is usable. Ice is one thing I rarely think about unless I want some!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Interesting day!

What a day! Actually it was a beautful day...lovely weather!

However THE day had some "curves"....

The new refrigerator finally arrived. My anticipation was way up there! They pulled in the driveway; I met them and the man in charge came in to check out the situation and BAM!
He looked at the empty refrigerator space and said..."we can't hook up the icemaker to copper
tubing." What???? And I said..."so I have to call a plumber?" He said, "Yes..."

We had already made the installation a breeze for them. And yes, I moved all the furniture back myself!

Then I call Mike in NJ and then I e-mail Mike because I couldn't find our plumber's number or even remember his name for that matter! (we only used him once before but he did good work)
So I looked and looked and finally prayed and guess what? Found it!

Called Max and he said he could come later in the afternoon. He actually got here around 7 pm
but it's done!

What a day!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


It's after 9:30 pm but feels like midnight. Think we all have nights like this once in a while.

Has been a busy week...babysitting, repair guys, errands, cleaning, assisted living visits
and tonight's "finale" was Bill and his father-in-law getting our old refrigerator. Definitely not a simple task! Furniture had to be moved in the kitchen, eating area, den and hallway. Water had to be turned off-UNDER- the house and they finally got it out the front door and down the steps
to the trailer. I even helped get it down the steps!

The new fridge comes in the morning and so we left everything pushed out of the way. Stuff is everywhere!

I am SO ready to curl up and go to sleep....sweetest dreams!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

no rescue but that's okay!

The Geek Squad came...and went.....leaving me with news that our problem is in the TV.
Some panel's burned out or something like that.

But have no fear....the TV repairman will be Tuesday! Oh well!

I can wait! I am a patient person! (I am a patient person...I am a ........etc.)

Geek Squad to the rescue.....

I hope! That's "confident expectation"!

I am expecting the Geek squad to "set at right" our home theater system. No it's not this huge theater room, just a TV and a blue ray home theater system. Somehow I don't think we ever really got the thing right to begin with and so now we've called in "The Professionals"!

What I've learned from this experience is when in doubt, get someone who REALLY knows what they're doing! Nice if they guarantee their work too!

They are coming this afternoon. Hope they can show me how to operate these contraptions!

Wait a minute! Of course I'll be able to do it! (Got to maintain that positive attitude! :) )

Monday, May 17, 2010

My idea of lush!

How I love being surrounded by all this! I am quite spoiled!

Refreshing rain

If you've read my blog before, you know that I LOVE rainy days!
I don't mind driving in them-except at night! Harder to see then and I would just as soon remain all cozy at home.

Stayed up late reading last night and got up early this morning so when I went on the porch with coffee, journal, Bible and blanket in hand, the unique sound of a gentle rain almost lulled me to sleep.
I had visions of curling up with the blanket and drifting off ... but I have too much to do and really needed to get my day started.

So thankful for this refreshing rain...the greenery has been "drinking" it in all night and seems quite lushly saturated this morning!

How nice to see the deck shiny wet!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Mike!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband who becomes more dear to me with each new day!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Where to even begin...

Today was such a special day with my girls. I have so many thoughts, emotions swirling inside because of this day. I've always seen our children as blessings, treasures entrusted to us even in the "rough" times and thank the good Lord there were very few rough times.

We drove to the theater talking, singing and listening to Taylor Swift's "Fearless". Bought our tickets, popcorn, Anna's pretzel and our drinks and found our seats-right in the middle.
I sat in between the girls and thought how blessed to be able to enjoy them as adult ladies. We have a special relationship-that's what it's supposed to be like with adult children!

We laughed at the same parts and cried at the same parts and I handed out napkins when we had to wipe away our tears. As everyone was leaving we remained in our seats to the very's tradition with us! We discussed how much we enjoyed the movie and that we could watch it again but we had other "adventures" awaiting.

Off we went to Belk and Sam's serenaded by Taylor's "Romeo and Juliette" which WAS in the movie and yes, we did end up at Starbucks' "Happy Hour"...half price frappachinos! (And I'm sure I probably spelled that one wrong!)

Then it was Michael Buble and fun conversation! Mostly I just listened and enjoyed their childhood reminiscing and stuffing these new memories deep in my heart. Their laughter and just enjoying life brings such satisfaction to me.

Sometimes I "think" to God about how I ever deserved such wonderful, precious daughters who bring me such delight and enjoyment and whose friendships are as dear to me as they can be.

How incredibly blessed I am...selah....

Friday, May 14, 2010

Spring Cleaning..

My plan is working or should I say I am working my plan.

The kitchen is almost done! I have one more drawer and under the sink to clean out!
Then I will wipe down everything that can be wiped down...

and move on to the next project!

It does make me feel good! Of course if I think about all that needs to be done, it's a bit overwhelming but I don't allow myself to dwell on that.

In fact I won't be doing much cleaning over the weekend! Am getting ready for Mike's birthday on Sunday, a covered dish after church Sunday and a movie day with the girls tomorrow.
They are taking me to see Letters to Juliette....think that's the name! This is my birthday/Mother's Day from them. It will be a fun time! Starbucks will have to be after of course and that will be my treat...well I did get two Starbucks cards for my birthday! And I do like sharing!
Someone knows me very well! :)

Happy weekend!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


"People are often unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered.
Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives.
Be kind anyway.

If you are successful, you will win some false friends and some true enemies.
Succeed anyway.

If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you.
Be honest and frank anyway.

What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight.
Build anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness, there may be jealousy.
Be happy anyway.

The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow.
Be good anyway.

Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough.
Give the world the best you have anyway.

You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and (God).
It was never between you and them...anyway.

Kent M. Keith

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our lovely ballerina....

This is our ballerina granddaughter, Makenna, in her water fairy costume.
Her recital is in June and we can hardly wait!

Words to the wise

"One of the illusions of life is that the present hour is not the critical decisive hour.
Write it on your heart that every day is the best day of the year."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

"First keep the peace within yourself, then you can also bring peace to others."
Thomas a Kempis

"Truth is always exciting. Speak it, then. Life is dull without it."
Pearl Buck

"Be calm in arguing; for fierceness makes error a fault, and truth discourtesy; calmness is a great advantage."
George Herbert

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Well on the way!

Whew! I'm a bit tired OF and FROM the kitchen.
Bless Mike's heart...he's taking me out for dinner...Chinese...yum!

Have 1 drawer, 2 cabinets, the pantry and fridge left and then I'll clean it from top to bottom.
Should finish some time Friday since I'll be out and about some tomorrow.

Think I'll tackle something a bit smaller...the laundry I do have a plan!

Am ready!

Had a good night's rest and am ready to tackle the day...slowly and calmly!

Have tamed the aggravation and frustration "animals" and I plan to just enjoy de-cluttering the mess at a time!

Monday, May 10, 2010


just for the hands are back to normal!!!!

and I'm happy to say everything has been fine and I am now going to retire for the night!

Sweetest dreams!!!!


the shower head didn't fall off BUT...
I decided to put this color stuff on my hair to cover some of the gray...
it's like a shampoo...easy to use...have used it before but THIS time it seems to have colored the palms of my hands! YIKES!!!

I have scrubbed and scrubbed and now my palms are somewhat of an orangey color!

Guess I'll just keep my hands "palms" down! Surely by tomorrow I'll be back to normal!

One of THOSE days.....

It has become one of those know the ones that seem like things aren't going quite the way you would like!

My first "those" was when I went to get eggs out of the fridge and it was a different carton and it
wasn't sturdy and about 6 eggs....six....fell and broke all in the floor! Boy was I ticked!

The second "those" was when I was ticked about the eggs and took my jacket off to be able to clean up the egg mess and tossed my jacket...of course I didn't look and I knocked all the roses out of the vase on the table and water went everywhere, not to mention the roses!

Somehow that just "set" the tone of the day...all these aggravating, frustrating feelings churning inside me!

Then I was going to try and fix the icemaker with duct tape and low and behold...where the heck is the duct tape??????? Not to mention I'm about ready to pull the icemaker out and throw it away!

Okay, that did it! Am going to the shower! I doubt I'll go down the drain but I guess the shower head could fall off the wall!

On to better adventures...surely!!!!

Mother's Day Weekend!

My Mother's Day celebration started Friday night with the "fish camp frenzy"!
Saturday we went in to visit our parents and give our Moms their gifts. It was a very nice day and it ended with us having supper at McCallister's with our son Bill, his wife Brittany and her parents, brother and sister! We had such a good visit with them!

Sunday was a beautiful weather day and I so enjoyed that! Mike and I spent a very quiet day
after church, eating on the porch, taking a long nap, watching the birds, going for a nice walk, and reading! So relaxing!

Now I am ready to tackle the day! Today is day 1 of "Operation:taking one room at a time" cleaning project. I'm starting in the kitchen. It could take me all week but it will get done!
All those cabinets and drawers, appliances, the pantry....throwing away, giving away...simplifying...
"less is more" is my motto!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Fish Camp Frenzy!

Okay...maybe "frenzy" is a bit too strong but it sure paints the picture!

Tonight we went to the fish camp...MayFair in Monroe, NC and it may never be quite the same and neither will our waiter! He was a treasure! And the kids were great...a bit exhuberant but really good!

There we were, 14 of us all in two rows of chairs against the back wall which was the perfect place for us. We were entertained with stories of sharks, aquariums, a song from Kellan and magic tricks which ended up costing me $.70 but it was well worth it!

I had various kids in my lap at various times and others leaning on me and one who ended up eating my shrimp! He did politely ask!

Mike entertained Kellan and had a staring contest with Elliott. And then Elliott and I played "Thumb War"! Makenna got in on it and then THE FOOD CAME...children's first! Things were a bit quieter for a short while after that.

With full tummies and the need for quiet we all started the trek to the aquarium and the doors!
We then left one last "impression" with the owner who seemed to enjoy our very happy family.

It was a totally GRAND night in more ways than one!

A wonderful evening...

Last night was such a wonderful night for me!
The book club ladies just blessed my socks off!
From my favorite desserts (and I'm working on going off sugar)- German Chocolate cake, Key Lime Pie, Chocolate cupcakes, Vegetable Pizza, fruit, etc. to special goodies and cards!
Haven't had that much "fuss" over my birthday in years!

Thank you my dear Bookish friends!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

"I was born..."

Thank the good Lord I was born! Born 58 years ago today!
For some reason I sure don't "feel" 58!

One of my college professors told me that I would never grow up-that I would always be young at heart and I do believe he was right!

I enjoy life now more than ever! I still have quite a bit of "child-likeness" in me!
For instance, the other week I bought a GameBoy Advance to play Tetris and PacMan!
I discussed this with my friend Justin, our Pastors' 6 year old son. He had his Nintendo DS
and we were "shop" talking. Bless his heart he even offered me his charger to borrow since my
GameBoy didn't come with one! He kept telling me it would work and did I have my GameBoy in the car? Told him I would bring it next time.

I'm also quite into birds...bird feeders-Mike gave me two new ones for my B'day...bird houses...
bird dishes...oh, yeah, dishes are another of my "weaknesses"...dishes and books!...little clay birds, porcelain birds, metal ones, wooden ones, small collection is growing!

I love life! I enjoy it! Is it always easy??? Heck no! BUT I KNOW the Life Giver and He blesses me above and beyond my wildest dreams and desires. He has never let me down! And He never will.

Today is a special day, not just for me but for us all. Every new day is a gift. Every new day brings new blessings from God. Watch for them! Expect them! He loves to bless us...He can't help Himself! It's just the way He is!

I am so blessed with loving friends and family who have loved me, accepted me as I am and have made my life so "rich" over these 58 years! Wow! That's a lot of people the Lord has sent my way! I'm still in touch with my closest college friends and what a blessing that has been and there are those I grew up with...friends of all friends...neighbors...friends now in Heaven...etc.

All of you have had a part in my life and I am grateful!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Of books and book clubs

Mike and I have shelves and shelves of books. We have bookshelves downstairs. Bookshelves upstairs and a few books still packed away! There are books in every room of our house, come to think of it!
I love to go to bookstores! I love to smell them!
(Hardwarestores too, actually!)
I love to buy books! is one of my favorite places to purchase these carefully bound treasures that have the power to tug at the emotions, transport us to faraway places, other times, satisfy our thirst for knowledge and expand our imaginations.

AND we have so many books...too many that I haven't even read! I keep saying that I will one day begin to take a book at a time and just read it and keep on going through every shelf. Oh I hope I actually do!

We love all kinds of books and have various friends with whom we enjoy discussing them.
Mike particularly enjoys history and engages in rousing discussions with a particular few
lovers of history especially at certain family birthday parties. I love watching them in action!

We love to read and our children love to read. I sure hope that love is passed onto our Grands!

This love of reading is certainly at the root of loving our Book Club...."The Ilustrious Literary Society" or the I L S for short! What a special time...and what a special group of ladies!

I was reading an article in Victoria Magazine about an author who moved to London with her family some years back. She joined a book club and this is what she had to say about them.

"...there are the well-read friends in my book club, who know where that new bookstore has opened. Having been raised in a culture that values words and argument, they go at a book with all swords out, until they agree to disagree."

We may be a bit on the very polite side but that doesn't keep us from sharing our hearts and we always agree to disagree very agreeably! Maybe it's that "Southern" thing even though not all our members have Southern roots! A few times I may have "seen" a sword or two!

Closing with a few good book quotes....
"A real book is not one that we read but one that reads us." W.H. Auden

"I've been in love three hundred times in my life, and all but five were with books." Lee Glickstein

"If you would tell me the heart of a man, tell me not what he reads but what he re-reads."
Francois Mauriac

Happy Reading!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Back to normal?????

Well, that can be an interesting thought....hmmmm...normal?
Actually, better stated would be back to my usual routine or somewhat usual.
Anyway, no matter how you say it, I am glad to be able to get back on track here at home!

So many "things" are vying for my attention...stacks of books, papers, seasonal clothes that need to be put away, drawers to clean out, cabinets, etc. If I don't hurry it will become summer cleaning!

I have really become more of a "homebody". I love being home! I also love having friends
over sharing coffee/tea and good conversation! Home is a haven for me and Mike.
(But for the record, the haven needs a bit of attention!)

Tomorrow I will get down to the nitty out, cleaning up, reorganizing and so on and so forth. I am looking forward to it!

One thing for sure, if you're never home, things don't get done on their own. Mary Poppins isn't real...sorry to burst your bubble and the kitchen fairies aren't either no matter how much you would like them to be! I have a great imagination but I just have to face the facts!

So I'll just jump in there, tackling one project at a time. I can hardly wait!