Monday, May 10, 2010

One of THOSE days.....

It has become one of those know the ones that seem like things aren't going quite the way you would like!

My first "those" was when I went to get eggs out of the fridge and it was a different carton and it
wasn't sturdy and about 6 eggs....six....fell and broke all in the floor! Boy was I ticked!

The second "those" was when I was ticked about the eggs and took my jacket off to be able to clean up the egg mess and tossed my jacket...of course I didn't look and I knocked all the roses out of the vase on the table and water went everywhere, not to mention the roses!

Somehow that just "set" the tone of the day...all these aggravating, frustrating feelings churning inside me!

Then I was going to try and fix the icemaker with duct tape and low and behold...where the heck is the duct tape??????? Not to mention I'm about ready to pull the icemaker out and throw it away!

Okay, that did it! Am going to the shower! I doubt I'll go down the drain but I guess the shower head could fall off the wall!

On to better adventures...surely!!!!

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