Thursday, May 6, 2010

"I was born..."

Thank the good Lord I was born! Born 58 years ago today!
For some reason I sure don't "feel" 58!

One of my college professors told me that I would never grow up-that I would always be young at heart and I do believe he was right!

I enjoy life now more than ever! I still have quite a bit of "child-likeness" in me!
For instance, the other week I bought a GameBoy Advance to play Tetris and PacMan!
I discussed this with my friend Justin, our Pastors' 6 year old son. He had his Nintendo DS
and we were "shop" talking. Bless his heart he even offered me his charger to borrow since my
GameBoy didn't come with one! He kept telling me it would work and did I have my GameBoy in the car? Told him I would bring it next time.

I'm also quite into birds...bird feeders-Mike gave me two new ones for my B'day...bird houses...
bird dishes...oh, yeah, dishes are another of my "weaknesses"...dishes and books!...little clay birds, porcelain birds, metal ones, wooden ones, small collection is growing!

I love life! I enjoy it! Is it always easy??? Heck no! BUT I KNOW the Life Giver and He blesses me above and beyond my wildest dreams and desires. He has never let me down! And He never will.

Today is a special day, not just for me but for us all. Every new day is a gift. Every new day brings new blessings from God. Watch for them! Expect them! He loves to bless us...He can't help Himself! It's just the way He is!

I am so blessed with loving friends and family who have loved me, accepted me as I am and have made my life so "rich" over these 58 years! Wow! That's a lot of people the Lord has sent my way! I'm still in touch with my closest college friends and what a blessing that has been and there are those I grew up with...friends of all friends...neighbors...friends now in Heaven...etc.

All of you have had a part in my life and I am grateful!