Sunday, May 30, 2010

"DISconnecting to REconnect"

Read that phrase in a devotional the other day. Kind of grabbed me!

I think we need to do that often...dis-connect. Pull away from our daily routines, our environments and "GO" somewhere else. Doesn't necessarily mean to another town, but in the wisdom of Joe Banks..."away from the things of man". I like to go to the porch or the outdoor swing or the beach or the mountains; my favorite places to disconnect.

It's been a weekend of disconnecting in some ways. We deviated from our normal routines and even our normal environment. It has been quite refreshing!

"Pulling back" gives a fresh perspective, clears your head and gives you the "oomph" to get back in the "game" with fresh gusto!

Jesus did that very well. He would pull away and find a quiet place to just be with His Father.
He came away with new strength and sharper vision. If He needed to do that, how much more do we!

"Away from the things of man" sounds so good at times! Helps us see what's really important.

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