Friday, May 7, 2010

Fish Camp Frenzy!

Okay...maybe "frenzy" is a bit too strong but it sure paints the picture!

Tonight we went to the fish camp...MayFair in Monroe, NC and it may never be quite the same and neither will our waiter! He was a treasure! And the kids were great...a bit exhuberant but really good!

There we were, 14 of us all in two rows of chairs against the back wall which was the perfect place for us. We were entertained with stories of sharks, aquariums, a song from Kellan and magic tricks which ended up costing me $.70 but it was well worth it!

I had various kids in my lap at various times and others leaning on me and one who ended up eating my shrimp! He did politely ask!

Mike entertained Kellan and had a staring contest with Elliott. And then Elliott and I played "Thumb War"! Makenna got in on it and then THE FOOD CAME...children's first! Things were a bit quieter for a short while after that.

With full tummies and the need for quiet we all started the trek to the aquarium and the doors!
We then left one last "impression" with the owner who seemed to enjoy our very happy family.

It was a totally GRAND night in more ways than one!

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April said...

It was a grand night!!! We all had such a good time!! We have the BEST family!!!:)