Thursday, May 20, 2010

Interesting day!

What a day! Actually it was a beautful day...lovely weather!

However THE day had some "curves"....

The new refrigerator finally arrived. My anticipation was way up there! They pulled in the driveway; I met them and the man in charge came in to check out the situation and BAM!
He looked at the empty refrigerator space and said..."we can't hook up the icemaker to copper
tubing." What???? And I said..."so I have to call a plumber?" He said, "Yes..."

We had already made the installation a breeze for them. And yes, I moved all the furniture back myself!

Then I call Mike in NJ and then I e-mail Mike because I couldn't find our plumber's number or even remember his name for that matter! (we only used him once before but he did good work)
So I looked and looked and finally prayed and guess what? Found it!

Called Max and he said he could come later in the afternoon. He actually got here around 7 pm
but it's done!

What a day!

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