Saturday, May 15, 2010

Where to even begin...

Today was such a special day with my girls. I have so many thoughts, emotions swirling inside because of this day. I've always seen our children as blessings, treasures entrusted to us even in the "rough" times and thank the good Lord there were very few rough times.

We drove to the theater talking, singing and listening to Taylor Swift's "Fearless". Bought our tickets, popcorn, Anna's pretzel and our drinks and found our seats-right in the middle.
I sat in between the girls and thought how blessed to be able to enjoy them as adult ladies. We have a special relationship-that's what it's supposed to be like with adult children!

We laughed at the same parts and cried at the same parts and I handed out napkins when we had to wipe away our tears. As everyone was leaving we remained in our seats to the very's tradition with us! We discussed how much we enjoyed the movie and that we could watch it again but we had other "adventures" awaiting.

Off we went to Belk and Sam's serenaded by Taylor's "Romeo and Juliette" which WAS in the movie and yes, we did end up at Starbucks' "Happy Hour"...half price frappachinos! (And I'm sure I probably spelled that one wrong!)

Then it was Michael Buble and fun conversation! Mostly I just listened and enjoyed their childhood reminiscing and stuffing these new memories deep in my heart. Their laughter and just enjoying life brings such satisfaction to me.

Sometimes I "think" to God about how I ever deserved such wonderful, precious daughters who bring me such delight and enjoyment and whose friendships are as dear to me as they can be.

How incredibly blessed I am...selah....


Daniel, Anna, Emma, Kylie, Duncan, and Kellan said...

It was perfectly wonderful day! I’m so blessed to be able to call you Mama and I love you more than words can express :)

April said...

It was a very special day!! I am blessed beyond words to have such a wonderful Mama and sister! Time spent together is priceless!! On to the next adventure!!:)