Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Afternoon slumber...ummmm

It was a dark and rainy afternoon. (wait, did I say rainy? Praise the Lord!)
I was sitting on the porch listening to the rain and reading and actually got chilly. (got chilly? Yippee!)
Then came a few yawns and I thought to myself..."What a perfect afternoon for a little slumbering."
I climbed the stairs, crawled into bed, covered up and drifted into a sweet, restful sleep.
What a lovely hour...ummm, so lovely I didn't want to open my eyes and admit the nap was over
but alas I succombed to the reality that "grands" would be here in less than an hour and roused myself, only to discover it was still raining! (hallelujah!)
It will be a Chick-Fil-A supper for the six of us then onto Harris Teeter to let them pick out some snacks and me a few groceries then home for a movie, crafts, games, etc.
I'm sure after our evening we'll be ready for more sweet slumber!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

delicious nuggets

Tennyson said, "Knowledge comes , but wisdom lingers."

An example of this wisdom...

"I make the most of all that comes,
And the least of all that goes."
Sara Teasdale

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Of Granddogs and Grandcats

We are so blessed to have 8 "Grands" and we also have animal grands! We have Luna and Napoleon, cat-grands, Toby, Lacey and Sheenka, dog-grands, Dave the turtle-grand and Sonic the Ball Python-grand.
We've kept Sonic for about a week before or rather I kept him but at least Mike let me!
This week we have Lacey. She came to Papa and Granggie's with her toys, crate, blankets, bed and food. She hasn't slept in her crate at all but beside our bed on my quilt. We take naps together on our bed and she's up in bed with Mike and I until we turn out the lights. She is the most loving and most well-behaved dog I've ever seen! We are actually spoiling her a bit but that's our job, right? Not too bad though.
She has the run of the house and hasn't bothered a thing. I usually take her out for an early morning walk and then Mike and I both take her out during the day.
We have really enjoyed her visit! It will be a little sad to have her go home on Saturday afternoon. I know we will miss her!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dull..."fire-less".... tired...

That's how I've been "feeling" of late... neither hot nor cold...
sound familiar?
If you know a little Bible you may have heard this said and believe me, it isn't good!
It was Jesus Who said it in Revelation 3:15.

This is NOT how we're to be and really it's up to us. It's a matter of choice.

There are times to pull back and rest but how we rest matters.
In an earlier post I used the phrase "disconnect to re-connect"...away from the things of man.

Have been successfully fighting off symptoms, speaking the Word over myself but mostly yesterday I claimed the sofa and watched movies and when I went to bed last night I felt as dull as dull could be. There was no life in the movies.

So today I am not going to be a couch potato but I will read, meditate and listen to the Word and draw life from the Giver of Life!
I probably will watch a movie with Mike but nothing like I did yesterday!
Balance is key!

And I will "fan into flame"!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The other day I watched a newer version of Jane Eyre and really liked it.

It's a rather sad story but does have a happier ending. Jane is the daughter of a clergyman and her parents die when she is young. She's taken in by an uncle and aunt with their three children but only her uncle shows her love. On his deathbed he asks his wife to promise to treat Jane as her own daughter and she does promise but she isn't a woman of integrity and treats Jane badly..."very badly indeed" as Mr. Knightley would say. Jane is mistreated, abused, falsely accused and ends up in a horrible school for girls. There are no fires for the girls to warm themselves and little food and this run by a man who "thinks" he's a Christian. She has one friend, who dies, but she is a strong young girl and rises up to become a teacher and then a governess.
Many things happen in her new home but the one thing that really "grabbed" me was this.
She had to leave her home, was found by a young clergyman and was taken in by his sisters. The clergyman tells her that she is a wealthy woman because an uncle left her all his fortune. She isn't really thrilled with this at all. Then he tells her that they are cousins and she is so excited and happy! She shares her fortune with her new-found family and eventually goes home to the man she loves...and remains close to her new family!

There is such a lesson in this. Money doesn't bring happiness. Of course we need it to live and we can do good things with it but... family...relationships...that's the real treasure.

When the love of money takes precedence over families, over people, we become exposed to all sorts of evil...greed, envy, strife, anger, hatred, even murder. How many times do we pick up a newspaper or hear the news about someone being killed for money, for material things.
We have seen businesses cheating people, people cheating businesses, not caring about anyone but themselves.

Oh to get back to what is really important....

Treasure your family. Cherish the times you have with them. If there are rifts, mend them if you can. Treat people as you would like to be treated. Such a simple yet powerful statement.
If we could just live by this, what a difference it would make!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Toy Story 3

Yes the Potato Heads are still in it and their alien adopted children! But, where oh where did Bo Peep go? You could tell Woody misses her.
Loved the movie though it was quite sad at times and yes, I must admit, I did cry!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Grandkids & Granddogs

This weekend is dedicated to both!

Today we kept Kellan while everyone else went to the movies. He was supposed to be napping
but we could hear him playing. Then he began kicking his door so I went up to tell him that Mommy said he had to have a nap. I scooped him up and covered him with his blanket and the precious one laid his head on me and drifted off to sleep, rather quickly I might add!
There is nothing like a lovable grand falling asleep in your arms. I sat there and absorbed the moment! How blessed I am...selah...ahhhhh...

We got home to our "furry" girl and she was so happy to see us! She was perfect and the house too!
Now we'll enjoy her this evening and spoil her a bit, letting her up on the bed with us...something she doesn't do at home, but hey!-- that's what Papas and Granggies are supposed to do!

Friday, June 18, 2010


My cousin is doing well! Moving from Intensive Care to a room some time today!
Thank you God!

Had great family visits yesterday. Nice lunch with my nephew, my sister Denise and my Mom.
Mike was able to be with us most of the time & Anna and her 4 came by to see everyone and then we went to Mike's parents for supper with April and 2 of her 4. (Camden, our birthday boy was feeling "partly great but not all great"! Bless his heart-he's been fighting off some symptoms so his dad and brother Elliott stayed home.) Anna and her family, Bill minus Brittany, Mike's other sister Beverly and her guys minus one-
we all gathered there to see Mike's sister Cheryl and her husband and our nieces and nephews and a great-nephew, Parker! He's such a cutie!
The menu was good old NC BBQ and delicious desserts!

After that we took April and kids home and had Birthday party with Camden! Such fun!

Got home after 10 and was just getting onto bed when Camden called to say "the parachute guys were awesome!" What a wonderful way to end the day!

There's just something special about family! What treasure!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kind of sad....

I am.

My cousin from Ohio was coming to visit with my aunt and uncle tomorrow.
We were going to have lunch with my parents, one of my sisters and my nephew.

My precious cousin fell and broke her femur and is in the hospital. Hopefully she's out of surgery and in her room.

My prayers are with her and my aunt and uncle and her husband and daughter.

We were so looking forward to our visit but another time...I'm sure!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nothing like....

fresh vegetables! Yum!
Had corn on the cobb, tomatoes from SC, okra, limas, crowder peas....ummmmmm!

Later I'll cook" just picked" green beans. Can hardly wait!

All you locals...head down to the Farmer's Market in Monroe or the market of your choice and support our farmers!
I buy from Hinson's Farm. (spelled that wrong on my previous blog)
I'll be getting my produce there as long as the season lasts.

Hooray for our farmers!

"To market, to market..."

Don't you just love a Farmer's Market! All the fresh vegetables and fruits...jams and jellies!

I go to the one in Monroe, NC and I go during the week. There are only a few vendors then but my favorite one, Henson Farms, is always there.
Instead of working on the flower bed, (Mike got the weeds and brush out for me last night!) I'm going to market! This will be my first trip this season and already I'm thinking of those tomatoes, corn, okra, potatoes, field peas, etc.

I'll run a few errands, do the treadmill and begin cleaning for company.
We cook and serve supper at a youth camp tonight! Am praying for a cool front to move in...low 70s would be lovely and no humidity! There is no airconditioning. I've become so spoiled with "cool air" and I didn't grow up with it. We did have a great attic fan that brought in the cool night air though!
Oh well, no matter the weather, we're still cooking and serving and it will be fun!

On to the market!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Too hot for gardening!

Whew! Heard the heat index for today will be over 100!
Braved the temps outside at Home Depot for about an hour and
tried working outside a bit and in no time I was practically melting....
One thing about the heat, it sure drains your energy.

So I decided to work inside and iron some of Mike's shirts that have been trapped in the clutches
of a wrinkle monster way too long. Ironed other things and now am thinking of reading and maybe napping before I hit the treadmill.

When the sun is setting in the west I'll do the gardening. Surely I can finish one flower bed!
If more yard work is needed I'll venture out very early tomorrow!

Action-Packed Week

Twas a bright Monday morning and all through the house, Mike working, my brain whirring and no sound of a mouse! (thank goodness!)

So many thoughts going through my this and this...and without any dread!

This day is for gardening, tomorrow for camp, on Wednesdays the Treasures...errands and time for a nap! Thursday is family from far and from near, coming for luncheon, a good visit with cheer! Thursday night is for traveling across our town to see more family...from Lake Mary, down! (FL)
Friday is out and about for crafty ideas for the children at church, for their Fathers, dear.
And Saturday brings a "grand-dog" to visit and stay... and keeping a Grand while the others go "play" with Woody and Jessie and Buzz and the gang...
and then Saturday night...whew...we'll kick back and rest, gather strength for the teaching and crafting on Sunday, giving it my best!
Then on to the movies with Camden and all, to see the new Toy Story...of course in 3D!

For now I've flowers to order and cards to write, birthdays and greetings...YIKES! Then on to Home Depot for birdseed and flowers, then planting and filling....
and the hour?
Well maybe not quite!

Thank goodness my strength is not just my comes from above...from the One
on the throne!

In a bit of a "rhyming" mood today! Hey! It keeps a smile on my face! :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Just thinking...

While walking on the treadmill this morning a phrase came to me..."live by the Book" and right after that another phrase..."live IN the Book".

The Book is the Bible...God's Word to us. It's our map, blueprint, a "lamp"...a "light" to the path of our life's journey.

Living IN the Book, to me, is a step further than just living by the Book. Living IN the Book is learning to see with our hearts, seeing through the eyes of God. Simply taking Him at His Word when our physical situations and surroundings seem to be contrary.
It's living by in His Word. His Word is more sure than what our physical eyes can see.
That's how He wants us to live.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gearing up for Toy Story 3

We're practically counting down the days!
The Toy Story movies are probably our most favorite cartoons.
I even have a Woody that Anna and Dan gave me years ago and yes, my name is written on his boot!
We have Woodys and Buzzes, Jessie and Bullseye, the aliens,
a few of the army men, Mr and Mrs Potatohead, Rex, BoPeep. Small ones and big ones! Our Grands enjoy them all! Guess we should get the slotted pig too!
We will go see it in 3D with April, Lee and the Grands for Camden's birthday. That's what he wanted! We're actually going on Father's Day which is Camden's 7th birthday.
(They grow up way too fast!)
Well..."to infinity and beyond!"

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lessons I'm learning

One of the lessons I'm learning is... "Enjoy the moment!"

I became more aware of this when we had three of our "Grands" for a few days.
As they were being their active selves, I found myself really observing them.
When they talked to me, I found myself studying their faces, their features, their cute mannerisms.
I was enjoying the moment, making memories.

So often we seem to be thinking about what's next while we're in the moment and we're not enjoying the moment. We are really robbing ourselves of something that could be precious...
maybe even vital to a relationship or an upcoming activity.

I know; I've done this.

Ask a question and before it's answered I'm on to the "next thing" and I never really heard the answer. Or be spending time with someone and thinking about all the "stuff" I need to do.

We need to slow down..."stop and smell the roses...even though there may be a bit of "fertilizer" smell lingering. Slow down and really listen. Slow down and enjoy each moment!
Life is way too precious to "fly" through it! Once the moment is gone; it's gone- never to return again.
Embrace it! Learn from it! Enjoy it!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A wet morning...INSIDE!

See, even Darcy's worn out already! Doesn't she look so sweet?
The "wet" morning began with me on the treadmill! I was sweaty and red in the face when our
old UPS friend, Bobby pulled in the driveway.
Had just finished my 30 minute fast walk and so I made a mad dash downstairs to greet him at the door. He shared that he would be retiring soon after 30 years with UPS!
After a brief conversation, he left and then the morning got even wetter!
I put Darcy in Mike's shower and gave her a bath. The thing about bathing her is that the "bather" gets as wet as the "bathee"! Whew! After that I put her up and hit my shower!
Yes! Human again!
Then I put her outside but she wanted to stay with me so I let her.
She sat so sweetly on the porch while I had quiet time and then outside my bathroom door while I brushed my teeth and now she has been resting here in the computer / library room with me.
(Actually we are waiting for the traveling Vet...he's coming to give her a rabies shot, but don't tell her!)

Monday, June 7, 2010

My "mountain" treasure

For years I have wanted a tea cart. Have looked at various places and finally found the perfect one for me!
I had a funny feeling I was going to find it when we were planning our "get-away-mountain" weekend. Found it at an antique shop in Hendersonville, NC! Actually found three that day but this was the only one that had "character"!

The Treadmill!

We finally did it! We bought a treadmill. It's used but a really good one and we got a good deal
on it.

And I did it this morning before breakfast...a little over 35 minutes!

Mike and I are finally getting serious about healthier lifestyles. We're doing it together and that will be so much better than going it alone.

Friday, June 4, 2010


That's how we're beginning to feel in our home!!!

Air-conditioner's back in business!

Day 2 of...


Yikes! Hopefully it will be an easy fix and parts will not have to be ordered!

The thoughts of having to go through the weekend without air...well I'd rather NOT go there!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

"Of puzzles and marshmallows..."

Of puzzles and marshmallows, stories and trains-
of blocks and tea sets and numbers and games...
of writing and painting and drawing and dancing-
block building and running and laughter and chasing-
of stairways and "working", serving Papa tea-
Chinese soup and coffee with glee!
of hugging and kissing and sharing such love-
some sleeping, much talking and nary a shrug...
these were the days spent with the "Grands"- Emma, Kylie and Duncan...aka Thomas the train
Such delight-such pleasure- such memories and fun-
And all too soon the visit was done!

Back in the "swing of things"

Is that a good way to say getting back to the routine of day to day living?

Well that's what I'm working on.
After a nice mountain get-a-way we came home to three of the "Grands"- Emma, Kylie and Duncan. We took them home last night and now I'm working on getting ready for The Ilustrious
Literary Society that meets here tonight.

No time for real blogging until tomorrow!

Remember this....The truly educated never graduate! (on a tee shirt)
"Educate yourself today!"