Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"To market, to market..."

Don't you just love a Farmer's Market! All the fresh vegetables and fruits...jams and jellies!

I go to the one in Monroe, NC and I go during the week. There are only a few vendors then but my favorite one, Henson Farms, is always there.
Instead of working on the flower bed, (Mike got the weeds and brush out for me last night!) I'm going to market! This will be my first trip this season and already I'm thinking of those tomatoes, corn, okra, potatoes, field peas, etc.

I'll run a few errands, do the treadmill and begin cleaning for company.
We cook and serve supper at a youth camp tonight! Am praying for a cool front to move in...low 70s would be lovely and no humidity! There is no airconditioning. I've become so spoiled with "cool air" and I didn't grow up with it. We did have a great attic fan that brought in the cool night air though!
Oh well, no matter the weather, we're still cooking and serving and it will be fun!

On to the market!

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