Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gearing up for Toy Story 3

We're practically counting down the days!
The Toy Story movies are probably our most favorite cartoons.
I even have a Woody that Anna and Dan gave me years ago and yes, my name is written on his boot!
We have Woodys and Buzzes, Jessie and Bullseye, the aliens,
a few of the army men, Mr and Mrs Potatohead, Rex, BoPeep. Small ones and big ones! Our Grands enjoy them all! Guess we should get the slotted pig too!
We will go see it in 3D with April, Lee and the Grands for Camden's birthday. That's what he wanted! We're actually going on Father's Day which is Camden's 7th birthday.
(They grow up way too fast!)
Well..."to infinity and beyond!"

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