Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lessons I'm learning

One of the lessons I'm learning is... "Enjoy the moment!"

I became more aware of this when we had three of our "Grands" for a few days.
As they were being their active selves, I found myself really observing them.
When they talked to me, I found myself studying their faces, their features, their cute mannerisms.
I was enjoying the moment, making memories.

So often we seem to be thinking about what's next while we're in the moment and we're not enjoying the moment. We are really robbing ourselves of something that could be precious...
maybe even vital to a relationship or an upcoming activity.

I know; I've done this.

Ask a question and before it's answered I'm on to the "next thing" and I never really heard the answer. Or be spending time with someone and thinking about all the "stuff" I need to do.

We need to slow down..."stop and smell the roses...even though there may be a bit of "fertilizer" smell lingering. Slow down and really listen. Slow down and enjoy each moment!
Life is way too precious to "fly" through it! Once the moment is gone; it's gone- never to return again.
Embrace it! Learn from it! Enjoy it!

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