Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dull..."fire-less".... tired...

That's how I've been "feeling" of late... neither hot nor cold...
sound familiar?
If you know a little Bible you may have heard this said and believe me, it isn't good!
It was Jesus Who said it in Revelation 3:15.

This is NOT how we're to be and really it's up to us. It's a matter of choice.

There are times to pull back and rest but how we rest matters.
In an earlier post I used the phrase "disconnect to re-connect"...away from the things of man.

Have been successfully fighting off symptoms, speaking the Word over myself but mostly yesterday I claimed the sofa and watched movies and when I went to bed last night I felt as dull as dull could be. There was no life in the movies.

So today I am not going to be a couch potato but I will read, meditate and listen to the Word and draw life from the Giver of Life!
I probably will watch a movie with Mike but nothing like I did yesterday!
Balance is key!

And I will "fan into flame"!

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