Thursday, June 24, 2010

Of Granddogs and Grandcats

We are so blessed to have 8 "Grands" and we also have animal grands! We have Luna and Napoleon, cat-grands, Toby, Lacey and Sheenka, dog-grands, Dave the turtle-grand and Sonic the Ball Python-grand.
We've kept Sonic for about a week before or rather I kept him but at least Mike let me!
This week we have Lacey. She came to Papa and Granggie's with her toys, crate, blankets, bed and food. She hasn't slept in her crate at all but beside our bed on my quilt. We take naps together on our bed and she's up in bed with Mike and I until we turn out the lights. She is the most loving and most well-behaved dog I've ever seen! We are actually spoiling her a bit but that's our job, right? Not too bad though.
She has the run of the house and hasn't bothered a thing. I usually take her out for an early morning walk and then Mike and I both take her out during the day.
We have really enjoyed her visit! It will be a little sad to have her go home on Saturday afternoon. I know we will miss her!

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