Monday, June 14, 2010

Action-Packed Week

Twas a bright Monday morning and all through the house, Mike working, my brain whirring and no sound of a mouse! (thank goodness!)

So many thoughts going through my this and this...and without any dread!

This day is for gardening, tomorrow for camp, on Wednesdays the Treasures...errands and time for a nap! Thursday is family from far and from near, coming for luncheon, a good visit with cheer! Thursday night is for traveling across our town to see more family...from Lake Mary, down! (FL)
Friday is out and about for crafty ideas for the children at church, for their Fathers, dear.
And Saturday brings a "grand-dog" to visit and stay... and keeping a Grand while the others go "play" with Woody and Jessie and Buzz and the gang...
and then Saturday night...whew...we'll kick back and rest, gather strength for the teaching and crafting on Sunday, giving it my best!
Then on to the movies with Camden and all, to see the new Toy Story...of course in 3D!

For now I've flowers to order and cards to write, birthdays and greetings...YIKES! Then on to Home Depot for birdseed and flowers, then planting and filling....
and the hour?
Well maybe not quite!

Thank goodness my strength is not just my comes from above...from the One
on the throne!

In a bit of a "rhyming" mood today! Hey! It keeps a smile on my face! :)

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