Saturday, June 19, 2010

Grandkids & Granddogs

This weekend is dedicated to both!

Today we kept Kellan while everyone else went to the movies. He was supposed to be napping
but we could hear him playing. Then he began kicking his door so I went up to tell him that Mommy said he had to have a nap. I scooped him up and covered him with his blanket and the precious one laid his head on me and drifted off to sleep, rather quickly I might add!
There is nothing like a lovable grand falling asleep in your arms. I sat there and absorbed the moment! How blessed I am...selah...ahhhhh...

We got home to our "furry" girl and she was so happy to see us! She was perfect and the house too!
Now we'll enjoy her this evening and spoil her a bit, letting her up on the bed with us...something she doesn't do at home, but hey!-- that's what Papas and Granggies are supposed to do!

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