Monday, September 14, 2009


Change- "to become different; alter; to undergo alteration; ..."

I try to examine my life on a fairly regular basis. Sometimes I like some of what I "see" and
sometimes I "see" some things I do not like.

It really comes down to choices...choices I have made...

Some are physical, some are spiritual, some are emotional, material, etc....

For example,
I need to take off some extra weight...for the health of my body.
I need to work on my "love walk" as I was convicted of that yesterday by our Pastor's message.
I need to become more organized, more thrifty, a better steward of time, finances...

I could go on a bit more but here is where I will stop and here is where I will begin.

I have been spending a great deal of time with the Father this morning ...sharing my heart...being so "real"...
so honest before Him.

The things in me that need changing, He and I will work on it together.
He did tell me that it will take discipline and self-control.
I am determined to do my part!

This will be a lifestyle change...a change that will be on -going for the rest of my life but one that I will work on one day at a time.

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Mike said...

To put it in the words of your youngest daughter, "You rock."