Thursday, February 10, 2011

A lovely afternoon

I took Makenna to ballet this afternoon and then visited my favorite coffeehouse, Alice Jules!
It's in an old, rather quaint former home and the ambience, well, it's practically perfect!
April and I try to go there once a month on ballet days but she couldn't go today so I went alone.
I ordered my white chocolate raspberry latte...ummmm...and headed out to the front porch. There I sat, sipping the delicious hot brew while I read a great book, Dandelion Dust by Karen Kingsbury. I decided to take a break from the book and called my cousin, Michele, in Ohio.
I hadn't spoken with her in a few months and our conversation just added to the "loveliness" of the afternoon.
Then I continued the book which was becoming harder to put down, until my hands were quite frozen from the chilly afternoon.
Strolling through the coffeehouse, I ordered Makenna's Mango Smoothie and headed back to ballet where upon I found a nice parking place in the sunshine and continued to read.
The icing on the cake was our wonderful granddaughter/Granggie conversation all the way back to her house! The time I spent with her was simply priceless!
What an absolute blessing from God!

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Angela said...

Just reading this, makes me want to go there right now! I have so enjoyed catching your blog and love YOU!