Monday, February 14, 2011


I've always liked Valentine's Day! From the black Valentine skirt with it's red and white hearts I wore in 2nd grade to the hanging of little shiny hearts on the stick tree I decorate
for every season today. I use to do a bit more decorating but now just a little.
Of course we get Valentines and candy for the Grands and our church gives the Treasures Valentine goodies and sometimes we give each other a little something. This year it was blueray movies, cards and then Mike gave me the cutest ultra-soft brown bear wearing a heart sweater.

Our oldest was married on Valentine's Day and today they're celebrating 13 years!
Happy Anniversary April and Lee!
It's a great time to let friends and family know just how much you love them!
Also a special time to reflect on the precious Valentine God gave us many years ago; His dear Son Who showed us just what great, unconditional love is!

So to all you out there, my friends and family...Happy Valentine's Day! I love you and count you all as special gifts from God to me!

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