Monday, March 28, 2011

on "pulling away"

Today I begin a two week period of "pulling away"...pulling away from some regular routines so I can get a better handle on setting our house in order. For about two months I found myself struggling with being gone too many mornings a week even though that did vary some. I'm a "morning" person and get my best "work" done in the mornings. I began to feel a bit overwhelmed with the disorganization at home...things that are my responsibility. I don't work outside the home but have jokingly said that I'm too busy to have a full time job. With the Treasures, family, friends and church, I can get pretty busy at times. And I have discovered an "amazing" truth- if you're not home, you can't set things in order at home! So I'm taking a break and staying home! There's lots to do and I will need to spend my time wisely in order to accomplish what I would like to accomplish during the next few weeks. I am just very thankful that I can take the time to do this!

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