Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Painting

This is a painting of an old farm house in Unionville which was painted by a very dear friend.
I have several of her paintings and I treasure each one of them! In fact there were a few more that had I had the "funds" I would have grabbed last night.

Mike and I love paintings/pictures of old, rustic, the kind that exude great character and we have quite a few numbered signed prints that we've collected over the years.
Most of them adorn our den, the place where we "live" and one does hang above our country oak sleigh bed.

Our new piece now has a place of honor over our sofa in the den. I had grown quite tired of the dark country red curtains, the dark red accent pillows and decided to pull out the blue that was in our pillows that had come with our furniture some years ago. Found the coolest blue curtains and pillows at Target for a very good price and was going to bring in a few other accent pieces as I came across them! Just "Springing" up the homeplace!

Last night we had dinner with our friends and I noticed some new paintings around. I so enjoyed "touring" and ooing and ahhing over each piece and then I came across the house! I fell in love with it immediately! I asked her if she was selling it and she said she was. I showed it to Mike
who said "you want it for your birthday?"
Yes!!! Of course! (You remember me, the one who has countless Christmases each year and birthdays too!)
Praise God I was able to pull out a check and write it. She, at first, didn't think I was serious.
She did say that when she had painted it she thought of me. (Don't you love it when your friends know you SO well!)
I practically drooled over it the rest of the evening and after trying to find the perfect spot, it came to "rest" late this afternoon.
Now as I enter the den, I just glow and smile at my new treasure.
I'll get pictures later of our den's new look but for now, here's a glimpse of the picture I will cherish always!
Oh and by the way, my "picture" doesn't do it justice!

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Montag said...

That is quite a painting. I like paintings that are many-layered like recurrent dreams.