Monday, March 21, 2011

The "Season"

The beauty of new life's emerging everywhere! T'is the "season". This plant, "Bridal Veil" with its delicate white blossoms is one of my favorites. I love to watch it emerge...emerge into new life! During the winter months it seems quite dead but when Spring's upon us...newness of life!
We go through seasons ourselves. Some seasons find us alive...embracing life to the fullest!
Other seasons find us pulling away to "hibernate", to rest, to "revamp". In another season we may feel "quite dead". All the seasons are necessary. The seasons come and go...come and go...
It's in the "dead season" that we need to reach out to life...His life. Jesus said that He is the Way,
the Truth and the Life. I've discovered that with Him the "dead season" isn't being dead at all but becomes a time to empty myself more of "me" and embrace the life that only He can give.
As I grow "more mature"... :) I find that in Him is where The Life is! Sometimes it's quite the party! Other times it's mellow, itself.
The Season coming upon us...Easter, is all the seasons wrapped into one for me. There is death...
His death...for you, for me, for all mankind. BUT then there is LIFE! His life...for you, for me, for all mankind. There is a "catch" to this newness of life, though. You have to believe and you have to receive. It's His life in us! We are literally alive with His life! And that makes all the difference
in truly living life to the fullest!
It's a "Wonderful" Life indeed! Embrace it! Embrace Him!

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