Friday, March 4, 2011


in my pants, literally!!!

What a day I had this week! Actually it WAS a really good day with the exception of getting into a fire ant habitation.
The day began well. I was filling in for my Pastor's wife Bible study teaching and I was all prayed up and had studied carefully; I was totally prepared, with the help of the Holy Spirit!
I opened up the building and never thought to really look where I was standing. I made coffee, set up my "stuff" and then the ladies began coming in. This was the first time I've ever filled in for her and I was quite focused.
Opened in prayer and began. While I was teaching and asking questions I began to feel these "stings" and bites"...on my legs, my back. Thoughts going through my head were "what's that?"
I never verbalized any of it and only "scratched" when I had to.
We finished and cleaned up; put my ladies in my Xb and took them home. By the time I got home I couldn't wait to get out of those clothes. I turned my jeans inside out and yes! You guessed ants...on my pants! I KILLED those little buggers and proceeded to itch the rest of the day! Soaked in Lavendar oil later on and emerged with bites appearing!
No more itching but I've got some nasty looking bites!

Was sharing all this with Mike and he said that the incident had developed character in me!
You know, he WOULD say something like that!
Well, actually... I do believe it did!

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Mike said...

You need to quit talking about these ants. It makes me feel like I'm getting bites and I start scratching.