Monday, November 23, 2009

Thankful for family and friends!

This past weekend my sisters and their husbands along with Mike and I, hosted a 60th wedding anniversary party for our parents.
It couldn't have been better! Two hundred or more of their family and friends came to honor them. Some traveled from Ohio and Virginia...from South Carolina and other cities in North Carolina.

Ten grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren...and counting...all because two people fell in love!

It was especially nice for us! We saw cousins and friends that we had not seen in years...too many years and the love-filled hugs and kisses were like treasured gifts.

What a blessing!

It has made this Thanksgiving holiday even more special and we will continue to be with family and friends throughout the week!

May your Thanksgiving be a blessed one. May you "love "on those that God has so graciously
put in your lives to encourage you, teach you, share the joys and the trials of living.

May you love and appreciate them and may you first of all give a grateful heart to the One Who
has made us and blessed us with all good gifts...especially the gift of His precious Son, Jesus!

We are grateful Father God!

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