Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Getting ready....

When I was a little girl, my aunt and uncle gave me a book called "Over and Over Again".
I think that was the title. It was a book about all the holidays and how they came "over and over again", year after year. When the little girl in the book understood this, she was no longer sad
when one holiday ended for another was on its way. I think I still have that book somewhere,
probably packed away but it was always one of my very favorite books! The illustrations were remarkable!

Here we are, a few weeks before Thanksgiving. I've seen several houses decorated for Christmas already. I'm "chomping at the bits" a little myself. I decorate for Fall the first of September and enjoy those decorations for almost three months. We only have about a month to enjoy Christmas decorations so I start doing a little at a time...on the inside!
(I have been playing Christmas music in my car for quite sometime now and love the Christmas music weekends on 91.9!)

I am doing a little each day...upstairs...
Just getting ready...

We do have family coming from out of town for Thanksgiving and our Thanksgiving celebration
lasts two days every other year...this is the year!

Our family tradition has been to put up the tree on Thanksgiving night and light it. Then on the Friday after, we begin to decorate, inside and outside. It usually takes me days...

Well... this Saturday Mike and I will put up most of the outside lights but not turn them on except to test them. We're just getting ready...

I am toying with the idea of putting up the trees...(one is already up, undecorated in our bedroom)
but have them ready to turn on Thanksgiving night. I must admit the Christmas decorating bug is getting stronger by the minute!

I know some who think that all this early decorating takes away from Thanksgiving but I don't see it that way. Both of these holidays are about the same for me...the "colors" may be different but they are so steeped in God for us...they just blend together.
For us, it's all about God. Each holiday, whether it's Valentine's, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas...it's all about God's love and about the precious Gift He gave us...Jesus.

So, yes...if you come by our house you will begin to see glimpses of Christmas...before Thanksgiving...only on the inside (unless you happen to look closely in some of our trees and bushes and around our deck in the backyard).

We're "just getting ready!"

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Don & Carol Kingsmore said...

Well, how interesting for me to read today. I just finished ALL my major Christmas Shopping for 2010 today 8/21/10! Never have I done this, but the Lord spoke to Don & I about this and,its done...all online or by phone! It feels so good.
When we lived in Union before I would begin shopping on Labor Day. (the boys were young then)...The past few years its been a "chore" since we no longer get together in Charlotte and I never know what to give my grands or inlaws etc.THIS YEAR ... A NEW DIRECTION...AND IT IS FINISHED! HALLELUIA!