Monday, November 30, 2009

The Treasures

This week's focus is the Christmas party our church gives the Treasures.
Set-up is Thursday night and Friday afternoon is the party.

I have been so blessed to have our church come along side and support me
in ministering to the Treasures at two assisted livings. We partner together to be a blessing to those that many have those, that in the eyes of some, have out lived their usefulness to society.
What we have found is that they are a wealth of treasure. I do believe they bless us much more than we bless them. Because of these precious ones, my life is truly rich!

Our church is pulling together to decorate , set up tables and chairs, make delicious-
low sugar goodies, get little gifts and make sure that the afternoon will be a pure delight for them!

We also do other things throughout the year just to let them know that they are not forgotten as well as visit with them once a week.

I would encourage you to seek out "Treasures" of your own...ones you can love on and be a blessing to . Just be there for them...listening... laughing with them...hugging them...letting them know they are loved and still have much to offer!

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