Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"A Christmas preview"

Mike's on vacation this week!!!! (however, he's still getting a few business calls, oh well)

We went into Charlotte yesterday and decorated his parents' house for Christmas.
April and two of our "grands" went with us to help. We decorated the tree, "made" villages
and a park...even a mini ski resort!
Mike's Dad always pulls out the Christmas CDs and we enjoy the songs as we decorate.

Now when Mike's sister and her husband and family come up from Florida this week they will get to enjoy a little bit of "Christmas"! We do this every year.

Mike and I are "readying" our house too....a little bit more each day. I can hardly wait for the fresh Balsam to grace our porch! We're decorating it in "Nature"...birds, a nest, deer, etc.
The ornaments are just waiting!

Christmas music plays in our cars, in our kitchen...all just bringing smiles and lots of Christmas memories.
Well...this morning I turned on one of the radio stations that is playing Christmas music 24/7
and then I heard this lady singing..."Where are you Christmas, why can't I find you?"

I actually answered her! Before I realized it, I was talking to her!
The words out of my mouth were this...."Christmas is a Person!" If it were not for this Person there would be NO Christmas! Oh, He has many names...Emmanuel, Bright Morning Star, Jeshua, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Jesus the CHRIST....

He alone IS Christmas!

Do we put up trees? Do we light candles? Do we use some santas and reindeer, snowmen, etc.?
Do we "deck the halls? Yes we do!
We have fun and enjoy all these but only He is really Christmas!

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