Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wednesday's Winding Down

We made our weekly or bi-weekly trek this evening-the continuing saga of "the Christmas light expedition" !

Neighborhood after neighborhood beckoned us and we winded our way down street after street.
Beautiful homes, some simply decorated, others brilliantly shining.
Since I maintain a child-like take on life, for the most part, I love the ones with thousands of lights and we found the perfect one tonight! Every window and every part of the house was outlined in white lights-front and back, bushes, trees! A carousel of reindeer riding elves was pure delight! As we approached the lights spectacular I found myself "lighting up"!
I'm still at the "oohing and ahhing" stage of life...plan to always be in that one!

It was a wonderful way to wind down.....ahhh.....

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