Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Such a lovely day!

Climbed into my Xb this morning and headed to my first assisted living to teach a Bible study.
Met a new couple...just charming and had a special time praying individually with each
one there and after praying with one woman in particular, I saw her whole countenance change... right before my eyes! God is so good!!!

Back in the Xb and down the road to assisted living #2 to visit my three friends and teach a mini-Bible study. We had such a nice time! How loving and gracious they are!

Home for an hour to have lunch with Mike and then out again.
This time it was to a friend's house to have a lovely visit with a few ladies. We were treated like royalty...crystal, silver, china, toasting with sparkling cider, delicious goodies and just enjoying each other!
Four hours later I headed home only to run in for 15 minutes and then out to our favorite place for Mexican fare.
Then the hunt was on.....where to find our Fre wine....alcohol free, that is, for welcoming the New Year.
Store # 2 had it! Whew! Thought we were going to have to hit every Harris Teeter on this side of town!

Now it's time for sweet dreams .....

What an absolutely lovely day!

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