Sunday, December 6, 2009

Simply beautiful...

Andrea Bocelli's Christmas special tonight was one of the most moving, inspirational concerts I have ever experienced!
He seemed to encapsulate all the "specialness" of Christmas in this one program.

I was moved to tears in his singing of several of the old carols...the very heart of Christmas
spilling out all over the audience and coming into our den.
It truly was a holy moment as I felt transported right before the Throne of the Almighty God!
And then all I could do was whisper His name...Jesus, God with us.

I even cried when Natalie Cole sang "The Christmas Song" with him. I could see her father and remember how I loved hearing him sing that very song.
(I was raised on Nat King Cole, Perry Como, Bing's in my blood!)

His rendition of "Jingle Bells" with the Muppets was priceless!

He ended with "White Christmas" and as he sang, "snow" gently fell all over the stage...
a perfect ending to a perfect evening....

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